Finishing a feature film is a Huge Deal. As such, the two premieres of Vigilante – one in Lincoln, one in London – had to be as exciting and successful as the film they were showing. Although the hard work of filmmaking and editing was over, a successful premiere takes a lot of time and organisation to pull off! This project blog looks at what was involved in bringing Vigilante to two cinemas.


To screen a film, you need a cinema. Our research threw up several cinemas which we could hire to screen the film. While choosing the perfect venue, we had to balance several factors; the screen size, projection quality, audience size, and cost to hire. With London, we chose the venue fairly quickly. Genesis Cinema in Bethnal Green was an intimate screen, well located and had a nice reception area where we could serve drinks and talk to the viewers. We had a slight concern over the size of the screen, but on the night it was fine and the film looked amazing.

CSEA6295 copy

In Lincoln, it wasn’t quite as straightforward . The first venue we chose unfortunately fell through, leaving us just seven days to find a new venue in time for the screening. It was all hands on deck to sort everything out, as we all pulled together to make it work. Michaela and Dave visited several potential venues in Lincoln, while in London we rang around getting prices and specs. Luckily, we found EMMTEC – a university building with a good quality screen, sizeable audience and a great reception area where we could set up balloons and refreshments. What’s more, it was easily accessible and signposted, and relatively close to the original venue, so everyone invited could easily get there and find somewhere to park.



Some might argue the most important part of a premiere! As anyone who has hosted a party will know, judging the amount of drinks is notoriously difficult. Some venues offered us a deal with their bar – with others, we had to provide the drinks ourselves. In the end, we opted for the latter, as it gave us more control over what was available and the correct quantities. On both nights we provided a choice of wine, beer, or soft drinks. We judged it surprisingly accurately, although there’s always one bottle left over!



Our two premieres were slightly different in aim and target audience. The very first public showing in Lincoln was mostly open to the people involved with the making of the film. Cast and crew were invited to bring family and friends, and we easily filled the 250 seats with all the people who worked with Blueprint and supported the film. For most people, this was the first time they had seen the finished film. It was definitely an excited atmosphere, and the room was full of enthusiasm and support.

For the London premiere, we aimed the event more at professionals and distributors. The cinema was smaller, so it felt more intimate and exclusive, and it’s London location meant it was in an ideal place for filmmakers, distributors and press to attend. We also had our main star Simon Cassidy in attendance.

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On The Night

On both nights, both excitement and nervousness was in the air. It was the first time the film would see an audience after years of hard work.

However, both events went off without a hitch, and the response to Vigilante was incredibly positive. More than that, the events were enjoyed by everyone! We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


CSEA6309 copy

CSEA6326 copy

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