Wow what a great year it has been! We’ve made a lot of memories and connections that we will keep close for a long time. We’ve worked with lots of new clients and also with clients who we have worked with for years – Here are the top project highlights of the year!

Japan Festival 2017!

This year over 1000 people attended the festival, and the brilliant range of  activities meant a wide variety of people got involved. We held a Nintendo gaming event and this was a chance to play on all of Nintendo’s past consoles. Alongside that, everyone had the opportunity to taste traditional Japanese Bento Boxes and enter tournaments on the big screen. We also held mini Nintendoland and Bomberman competitions.

Buddha Maitreya of Pureland Japanese Garden in Newark hosted a traditional tea ceremony, where he taught the history and traditions, the event was beautiful, and who doesn’t like tea? We also had an Ikebana workshop, which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, using minimalism and discipline to create unique displays.

Barton Hidden History App!

Earlier this year in March it was the long awaited launch of the Hidden History App, and the people of Barton gathered for a fun packed day, with lots of visitors coming and exploring the hidden histories of Barton Upon Humber. The plan for the day was to use the app to complete the two hour walk that would take users around the beautiful hidden treasures around Barton Upon-Humber. The first stop was the Wilderspin School, this was a great experience for the children who came along because they got a taste of what school life was like in the past, even if it was the weekend!

The highlight of the day for our team was meeting the cheerful characters, ‘Jamie, the local gardener’ and ‘Sian who looks after the children at the orphanage’. Both Jamie and Sian stayed in character for the whole walk which was amusing to watch at times, even when children were running up to them tugging on their costumes!

Chesneys Summer Living video!

We had the privilege of filming the Chesneys Summer Living vide0 – Best known for their beautiful fire places and wood burning stoves, they have recently diversified into the outdoor living market, with the creation of a new range of BBQ’s and Outdoor Heaters. We had heard great things about this product while working with them last year on their craftsmanship and showroom films, but the final product had always been kept under wraps!

After scouting around the grounds and being given the full intro on the new product, we were briefed on the footage we should try and capture over the 2 days. The main challenge was to capture the aspirational lifestyle scenarios of the product in action. Selling the lifestyle around a specific product is such an important part of any marketing but in particular, video marketing. Customers buy into a lifestyle they either relate to and/or aspire to.

Capturing the essence of this lifestyle in a 30-60 sec film was the key to us producing a successful campaign for Chesneys. Luckily for us, Chesneys had drafted in the talents of stylist Ali Brown to create and dress each of the setups. Het attention to detail and range of gorgeous props really did capture the mood and lifestyle of product and made filming a joy.

IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) Awareness Video!

It was an exciting time for Blueprint:Film in July as we finally unveiled a series of videos which educate others about contraception and popular myths regarding certain contraceptives. The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) have been spreading the message about safer sex for the last 65 years and we had the privilege of producing content which can help them continue to do that!

Darren who is based at our London office enjoyed working on the project, “It was a great and fun project to work on, we closely worked alongside IPPF to develop the scripts and concept.

“It was very important to us to produce videos that had a balance of engaging and entertaining content but we also knew it was important to make sure the facts were portrayed clearly.”

The series of videos were a big success online and on social media, there were copious amounts of views and shares which has been very exciting for both IPPF and Blueprint: Film!

Lincoln Arboretum Outdoor Screening! 

We worked on an exciting project back in August, transforming the Lincoln Arboretum into an outdoor cinema! We worked alongside DevelopmentPlus to organise the free screening for the local people of Lincoln.

The day was busy and packed full of eager film lovers who enjoyed watching family favourites Moana and Beauty and the Beast. The first screening started at lunchtime which was Moana, everyone enjoyed singing along to the songs throughout the film!

Blueprint: Film were also hired to run an outdoor screening for Viva Skeg Vegas which is the annual VW meet up in Skegness. It was a lively show, filled with lots of enthusiasts! Every year they have a dedicated theme for the event and this year they had decided to do a Monty Python theme. During our film screening we showcased classic Monty Python films and played the original soundtracks which everyone loved!

After the success of the Lincoln Arboretum and the Viva Skeg Vegas screening, Blueprint: Film will be hosting a variety of outdoor screening events next year around Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. There will be more outdoor events being announced soon – follow our Twitter or check out our website for the latest updates!

NCS (National Citizen Service) video!

Blueprint: Film had an exciting time filming the amazing work NCS do with young people! NCSwhich stands for National Citizen Service is an opportunity for 15 to 17 year olds to experience and embark on new exhilarating challenges. The workshops and activities build essential skills that can be used for both work and life. We created a collection of videos that showcase everything NCS stands for.

The young people involved get the chance to be away from home for 3-4 weeks so they can fully throw themselves into challenges and community activities. During the 3 – 4weeks they will develop skills to boost their CV and also meet like-minded young people who are on the same journey as them. There are different phases throughout the weeks the young people are there, the first phase is the adventure stage and that includes getting to know the team they will be working with during their stay.

Whilst living at an outdoor activity centre, the teams of young people are able to take part in adrenaline fuelled activities which includes rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery – for young people who are scared of heights, encouraging team mates will build up their confidence!

Chesneys Haverstock Hill New Showroom Video!

Last month we had a great time filming the new showroom in Haverstock Hill, here is the video we created for Chesneys – showcasing their new beautiful showroom based in Haverstock Hill, London! You will be able to have a mini guided tour by watching the video and immerse yourself in the luxury style Chesneys has to offer!

The 3,500sq ft gallery space boasts an impressive range of stunning fire surrounds in the finest limestone and marble, sourced from across the globe, elegantly positioned across the two floors including the brand new collection designed by Kelly Hoppen.

The new space is also home to a selection of Chesneys award-winning wood burning stoves with a dedicated area showcasing the different styles and colours available. Customers can view an array of beautiful fire baskets showcasing gas and electric fireside products as well as a stylish selection of firedogs and andirons.

UnLTD’s Do It For Real Programme Video!

We had an amazing time filming and meeting social entrepreneurs who are part of the Do It For Real programme – which is hosted by Spirit of 2012, Comic Relief and UnLtd. The purpose of the programme is to help young people in the UK, aged 11-30, to enable them to discover their full potential and contribute to their communities, and also set up their future.

During the filming process, we captured the main components that we wanted to emphasise about the programme, so we could create a video showcasing the inspiring beneficiaries who have had great success from being part of the programme! We interviewed a range of different social entrepreneurs and the variety of businesses that have been set up thanks to the support of UnLtd was amazing to see.

To celebrate the success of everyone involved with the programme, we created a second video which was a virtual reality experience that we showcased at the launch at the Spirit of 2012 and UnLtd event at RIBBA London. There were lots of positive reactions to the videos, especially the virtual reality one!

These are just some of the project highlights from 2017, check out our website if you want to have a peek at all of the other projects we worked on this year! If you are interested in video content for yourself or your business, you can contact us at or on 020 33 711060. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us here at Blueprint: Film!