We had the pleasure of recently being asked to film the video for the BNI Apollo chapter based in Lincoln! BNI is a unique network and marketing group who have many chapters around the UK and the world! Blueprint: Film are part of the Lincoln Apollo chapter as well as the London Knightsbridge chapter.

The organisation is based on a professional ‘word-of-mouth’ programme, and is there to help all the members engage and develop fundamental relationships with other business professionals from all different areas; the wide range of businesses in the room at each meeting has made networking more easier than ever!

During each BNI meeting every member has the opportunity to talk for 60 seconds about what they are looking for and who they would like to be introduced to. It also gives each member to stand up and let everyone in the room know about their business and what they specialise in.

Here at Blueprint: Film we thought it would be a great idea to showcase the uniqueness of how BNI work and the effective networking. The good thing about the way BNI works is that only one business from each sector can join a chapter, this means more opportunities to demonstrate why people should choose to work with you.

We extremely enjoy being members of the Lincoln Apollo chapter, especially getting to meet like-minded, enthusiastic businesses every Thursday morning over a cup of coffee! We wouldn’t network any other way! If you are interested in visiting a chapter near you, you can visit the BNI website.