Hidden History – A Multimedia Historical Walking Tour

Blueprint: Film doesn’t just focus on just Video Production and Marketing, we also produce a wide variety of creative works. We are very happy to have just completed development of a new and exciting mobile app called Hidden History – a multimedia guide taking users on a walk to see and learn about their local history. The primary goal of this app is to use digital technology as a way to engage communities, particularly young people.

The app uses local historical sites like cathedrals, museums or old buildings as the crucial places of history in the local community, and as the title implies, telling the stories that people may not know about. At these locations the interactive elements of the app come to life; the app uses your phones GPS to know where you are and uses digital media as a way to educate the app users using insightful text, images, videos, and sound.  Always ensuring that the content on the app is engaging and exciting.

Hidden History Trailer …

Hidden History Barton

The latest Hidden History app was created for Barton Upon Humber, where the app takes users along the picturesque Barton – Anglo- Saxon buildings; the birth place of Chad Varah (founder of the Samaritans) and a look at the industries of the past at The Ropery, Cycleworks and Shipping. Hidden History Barton was funded and supported by Arts Council England, North Lincolnshire Council, The Ropewalk and Wilderspin National School.

Please visit www.hiddenhistory.org.uk/barton to learn more and download the app.

Hidden History Lincoln

Before that we developed an app for Lincoln City; this took a slightly different approach, focussing on Gamification to engage users. The app was a digital treasure hunt – the user is given a clue on where the location is, and when they arrive the app knows and presents them with the information and documentary of that area. This app really does show the hidden history of Lincoln, ignoring the famous castle and cathedral, the app instead guides the user on a journey of the infamous Snips the dog; and the friendly warring of the air battalions in a bar which is now the shopping centre.

Hidden History In Your Town, City or Heritage Site

Our goal now is to welcome more town, cities and sites to be a part of Hidden History. Whether it’s historical walks, or multimedia guides within a museum or a cathedral; we want to tell the hidden stories, the hidden treasures and local history that people may not know about. It will open their eyes to a non conventional way of discovering history, their local community, and gives them some good exercise along the way!

If you would like to learn more about Hidden History and how to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@blueprintfilm.co.uk or give us a call on 020 33 711060

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