Blueprint: film recently worked with Headway Lincolnshire to raise more awareness about life after brain injury. The registered charity aims to provide information and support for people with brain injury and their families and carers. The purpose of the video is to increase public awareness, knowledge and understanding of head injury survivors.

The full video with head injury survivors sharing their stories.

“You look fine”, “You’re back to normal”, “you’re out of hospital” are all phrases that are often used with brain injury survivors. Many survivors have been mistaken for being back to their usual self after an injury because a lot of the time there isn’t a visible scar, that’s the reason why brain injury is often referred to as the ‘invisible illness’. The video Blueprint: Film have created for Headway Lincolnshire allows real people to share their stories and their version of how it feels to survive a brain injury and the impact it has had on their lives.

The charity have been helping people live independently as possible after a brain injury since 1987, it also aims to help people achieve their full potential in their local communities. People like Connor Wilson who has been using the charity ever since his car accident can rely on the service. Support and advice has been available to him so he can learn how to live with his illness.

Headway Lincolnshire offers peer support and also supply training and educational support so those who want to learn more about brain injuries are able to do so. When a person suffers from a brain injury, it affects the whole family, so support and training are also available to family members.

Last year the charity had 140 new referrals as well as supporting the existing referrals who have been getting support from Headway Lincolnshire for many years. Old referrals continue to access the services available to them and are able to ring for support when they feel like they need it. The charity have been praised for their quick responses and communication when people are in need of their help.

The charity organise activities and events for the survivors and their family members to attend. Some people may struggle to find suitable social activities, so events planned by Headway Lincolnshire are ideal for those who are looking for peer support in a comfortable environment.

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