Goole Bonfire is a spectacular event that Blueprint have worked on for the last five years. Each year the whole community gets involved to produce a show that can include performance, lanterns, giant puppets, fire drawings, pyrotechnics and of course the all important bonfire. Blueprint’s role in all of this is to deliver the performance element, using drama and narration to bring each story to life.


This year the focus was on Vikings, and told the fearsome tale of King Canute’s rise to power. The first stage in this project was of course research. Canute is a figure draped in legend, something that makes him hard to pin down – but is great for building a story.

Laura then wrote a narration script, bringing historical research together with drama to create a compelling story worthy of a fiery performance.


Dave then worked to record and edit the narration. On the night, it was played through a PA system as the show was played out with a giant dragon puppet and fire drawings.

We also worked with local primary schools to design and make a variety of Viking shields. These we lit up with lanterns, so they they shone out into the night, forming the side of a Viking longboat.


With the schools, we worked on a piece of drama which they performed as part of the event.

All of these separate elements came together into one show. The event was a huge success, with the whole community coming out to join in and watch the fireworks.


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