If you’ve been following our updates on this project, you’ll have a general idea of the work we did for Felcana and how the project progressed. If not, now’s your chance to catch up!

Felcana is a pet tech company who were developing a Kickstarter campaign on which to launch their new product, a smart device which tracks and monitors your pet’s activities and health. Not only is it interesting to see what your pet gets up to when you’re not around, this can be extremely useful for vets who can use the data to make accurate diagnoses.


Having developed a working prototype, Felcana decided to use crowdfunding to put the product into production. A Kickstarter campaign plan was drawn up, including a plan for a video demonstrating how the product worked and the benefits to using it.

That’s where we came in!


Crowdfunding can be tricky to get right; there are so many factors that can make or break a product’s success. One thing that made this campaign complicated was the unique nature of the product. The majority of products on Kickstarter are versions of current concepts; although they all have unique selling points, the basic concept will be known to backers already. However, Felcana’s product is entirely new, and so getting all the necessary information across in a short two minute video was more challenging.

Information we wanted to convey included:

  • The purpose of the product
  • All possible uses of the product
  • Why the product is needed – including endorsements from vets
  • How the product works in situation
  • The technology of the product
  • A positive message to get people interested!


Felcana were brilliant to work with, as they really understood the importance of using video to promote and explain the product. During our many meetings to draw up a plan, finalise scripts and work out details, they contributed ideas and were actively involved in every step of the process.

In a break from that classic piece of advice regarding who never to work with, a large part of the shoot involved animals. The star of the show was Oliver the Dalmatian, who you can see in the video shaking water – the camera was a little too close for comfort!


Despite the contrary nature of pets, we got all the shots we needed of our photogenic furry friends in only a few days of shooting. We then cut the video together, with constant input and feedback from the Felcana team. Felcana owner James Andrews even recorded the voiceover for the video, making the whole project feel more personal. Felcana’s high level of involvement was really useful as we were able to get the video exactly right to match the rest of their campaign.

You can read about Felcana at their Kickstarter page here – and here’s the video!


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