We are happy to announce that Blueprint: Film have secured funding to undertake new and exciting virtual reality and 360 degree video projects! The funding is going to allow us to purchase new equipment which will enable us to explore areas that we haven’t been able to before. We will be able to create and work on projects that allow audiences to immerse themselves in a 360 degree environment!

The Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire which is delivered by the University of Lincoln, and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund aims to help small to medium sized businesses with innovative projects. The programme encourages businesses to be creative and have a drive to do things differently. The 3 year Innovation Programme aims to support businesses through the innovation process by providing practical assistance and grant funding.

Blueprint: Film chose virtual reality and 360 degree projects as part of the Innovative Programme. So what is the difference between virtual reality and just a standard 360 degree video? The big difference between the two types is that 360 degree photos and videos are panoramic pictures and videos which means that you can turn your head to look around you in all directions, but you are not able to interact with your environment. Virtual reality allows interaction within these worlds which is why VR is becoming increasingly popular.

The google cardboard VR headset is a cheaper alternative to other headsets.

You can experience both virtual reality and 360 degree videos by using headsets. There is a growing market for VR headsets, so there are lots of devices to choose from to enjoy your favourite video. A few examples of popular VR headsets are Google’s Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, however there are alternatives such as using a simple Google Cardboard headset to watch!

For those who do not own a smartphone or have access to one, you are still able to watch 360 videos from your computer! Instead of getting the full immersive experience like you would get from using a headset, you will only be able to click and drag the mouse around the screen to see the 360 view. For those who do have access to a smartphone but do not have access to a VR headset, you will also be able to have a look around the 360 view but not fully experience the virtual reality feeling.

This is what a 360 degree picture or video would look like on a smartphone. 

As we have just got confirmation of the funding we will now be looking into purchasing the relevant equipment needed to produce memorable brand experiences for businesses who want to be known for their great video marketing. Technology like VR and 360 degree videos will also allow businesses to create videos where consumers are able to test out products before they buy if they are unable to try it out in person, simply by using their VR headsets. This is an exciting opportunity to engage with consumers in a whole different way and also market your business in a more creative way compared to others.

If you are a business who is looking to get involved with the Innovation Programme, they can provide the tools to innovate, you just need the idea to get started! More information is available on the Innovation Programme website. For those who are interested in getting started with a virtual reality or 360 degree video project with Blueprint: Film, we are happy to discuss any ideas you may have! Contact details are available on our website.