Last year we worked on a project with Taxi For Email, producing a video that would help to explain the core features of their email campaign design framework. They found that their sales team were spending lots of time explaining the products and its benefits to potential customers and they were looking at ways to streamline this process and be able to embellish it with more real world context.

This is the original video that we created for Taxi For Email last year. 

The testimonials gathered brilliantly demonstrated the features and power of using Taxi for Email and allowed us to create a concise marketing tool for prospective customers to understand the product before contacting the sales team for one to one service.

The Taxi For Email team demonstrated how the services work. 

After the success of the Taxi For Email testimonial video, the came back to us to produce a film that would support their sales team in delivering product demos to potential new customers. The sales team saw an increase in calls asking how the service worked, the commissioning of the video reduces that time burden on the team. Previously they were taking 30-40 min phone calls to explain the features, the video enables the team to focus sales calls on the bespoke benefits that will match each client and inform them on ways they can harness the features of Taxi into their individual requirements and customer base.


The production utilised a mixture of screen capture and live action footage of the product in action and the receiving of final email content to devices. The screen capture elements were used both natively and in the context of a laptop screen to provide additional edit points and break up the process for the viewer.


The screen capture footage was composited with live action footage of the macbook screen.


We are confident that the new demo video will be a great help in improving and making the process a lot faster when showing potential customers what is available when using Taxi and how the service can benefit themselves or their business. We are excited for the new video to be launched and also seeing the positive outcome from it!

If you are interested in creating a similar video, we are happy to set up a meeting to discuss ideas on how we could help your business. Contact details are available on our website!