We had an amazing time filming and meeting social entrepreneurs who are part of the Do It For Real programme – which is hosted by Spirit of 2012, Comic Relief and UnLtd. The purpose of the programme is to help young people in the UK, aged 11-30, to enable them to discover their full potential and contribute to their communities, and also set up their future.

The video we created showcases the main points and aims of the Do It For Real programme. These are:

  • Inspire young people to take active steps into social entrepreneurship and peer to peer mentoring.
  • Increase the overall confidence of young people and sense of connectedness
  • Empower young social entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities
  • Offer our package of support including finance, expert help, one to one guidance, networking and access to pro bono advice.

We worked alongside UnLtd and their beneficiaries to explore how they have used the Do It For Real grant and also the support from UnLtd to transform their idea into a social enterprise. Encouraging and inspiring  young people to take active steps towards making their idea a social entrepreneurship is a big priority and support is still available even when the programme has ended.

During the filming process, we captured the main components that we wanted to emphasise about the programme, so we could create a video showcasing the inspiring beneficiaries who have had great success from being part of the programme! We interviewed a range of different social entrepreneurs and the variety of businesses that have been set up thanks to the support of UnLtd was amazing to see.

To celebrate the success of everyone involved with the programme, we created a second video which was a virtual reality experience that we showcased at the launch at the Spirit of 2012 and UnLtd event at RIBBA London. There were lots of positive reactions to the videos, especially the virtual reality one!

We have recently received a grant from Greenborough Business Growth to enable us to purchase high quality VR equipment which will allow us to create immersive and engaging virtual reality videos – it was great to test out the kit whilst filming the Do It For Real project and it was even more rewarding to see how much people loved watching it!

We are looking forward to creating more immersive videos using the new technology and sharing our virtual reality experiences with everyone! If you are interested in creating video content for your business or project, you can contact us at admin@blueprintfilm.co.uk or on 020 33 711060.