Blueprint: Film Foundation recently worked on a project working with London based, Boundless Theatre Company who asked us to produce a podcast, as part of a series of drama workshops with young people.

We delivered the project, entitled, ’10 Minutes To Change The World’, alongside drama practitioner Naomi Cortes, who we have to say, is awesome! The project ran for fours days and Laura joined on day 2, stepping into an extremely insightful work process with a company of energetic, creative and talented young people. We knew this was going to be a good week!

The workshops were based on Boundless Theatre’s new writing piece, playing at Southwark Playhouse ‘Natives’. Young people involved had the opportunity to watch the play, then explore its themes and ideas through drama exercises with a view to creating material for a podcast by the end of the week.

To give some context, Natives is based around the stories of three teenagers, a young man who is battling feelings of love and violence. Another is stuck with the image of someone being pushed from a rooftop. And a girl must choose between her friends and her conscience.

‘Natives’ is, in essence, is a coming of age story, and explores the complicated lives of three very different characters in a technological world and how the internet and social media can offer them a platform for their voices. 10 Minutes to Change the World was a chance for young people involved to respond to these themes creatively and develop a piece to share online.  The group began with identifying  ‘what makes a hero?’ after watching a matinee of the play.

By day two the group were developing a story about unlikely heroes and creating whole new worlds where heroes can be found, a futuristic, dystopia that was inspired by a myth, told in the opening to ‘Natives’. This was recorded, edited and played back to the group on day 3. The group were excited and inspired by the way, even a quick edit could bring the world they had described to life and therefore this became the inspiration for the rest of their piece. They set about developing their character, the unlikely hero and writing the script about her journey.

They were impressive in their approach, they worked together as a company, each playing to their strengths and bringing the best of themselves. They were passionate vocal and determined about their ideas and took real ownership of the piece. This is something they carried through into the editing process providing feedback, ensuring that the work remained true to their vision.

The final piece is called X:231.

You can read more about ’10 Minutes To Change The World’ and listen to X:231 on the Boundless Theatre website.

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