Seequent + Lhoist


Seequent solutions produce 3D data mapping software for mining companies around the world, enabling geologists and mine planners to collaborate using real-time resource prediction models. 

They wanted to showcase their software in a real world environment, exploring the benefits of the software in the industrial minerals market, where being able to predict the materials in the ground before they mine the rock has such an impact on the efficiency of the business. 

Lhoist group were chosen as the client to profile, as their use of Seequent software has had a huge impact on the way they work.


One of the most powerful and effective selling tools available is that of the customer testimonial. 

In the case of Seequent, we were given the opportunity to film with one of their most high profile customers at their flagship quarry in Belgium.

Alongside interviews with key staff, we were able to tell the story not only of how the software benefits them but how it can benefit other businesses facing similar challenges in their own business and workflow.

We used our drone to capture the  vast operation at the quarry and give context to the importance of the Seequent software over a site of such scale. 

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