Pizza express moments


Pizza express wanted to create a social media ‘viral’ campaign on their channel during September, where historically restaurant covers are down compared to the rest of the year. They wanted to use this opportunity to create a campaign that would realign existing customers with the experience of their restaurants.

The concept was to use a magician posing as a waiter to deliver a magical experience that customers would never forget which would be filmed hidden camera style without the customers knowledge until after the event. 


We auditioned various magicians who could deliver the right experience that would both entertain while being conspicuous enough to convince the customers that they were simply a normal staff member. The magician devised tricks that would work alongside the normal service including serving the drinks and providing pizza boxes for takeaway. 

We devised a hidden multi camera setup in their Southbank restaurant during normal midweek lunch service with 4 unsuspecting couples being led to the table during this time. The final edit gave a compilation of the tricks and reactions delivered to them all. The final film was released online the same week with over 2 million views generated for Pizza Express during a one week period of the campaign. 

"Over 2 million views in a week!"