Kent environment strategy


The Kent Environment Strategy Awards commissioned us to produce 6 films. Their aim was to celebrate and promote businesses/charities in the county that value and engage with the environment to bring social, economic and health benefits to users.


The audience for the films would be local businesses and authorities as part of the annual awards ceremony. Additional public films would be made available on the Kent County Council website and Explore Kent. KES also requested social media edits of the film. These edits would be part of the public campaign for use on KCC channels and those of the organisations themselves. 


The brief stated that no undue presence be given to any of the films. So we devised a structure, where each film fit within a visual and narrative framework whilst still allowing for creative flexibility. This would enable individual projects to have a distinct identity in line with their work.


This approach gave us the freedom during the production to get to the heart of the story, in what were often high emotion environments where allowing participants to speak naturally about their subject yielded beautiful moments that drove the content.