Lincolnshire headway


Lincolnshire Headway are a brain injury charity who were looking to raise awareness amongst the population of Lincolnshire and beyond of the life changing effects that brain injury can have on people. 

The brief was to explore the different causes of brain injury and the effect on not only the patient but also that of their family and loved ones. This latter area was a primary driver in the commissioning oil the film as it is where a large amount of the charity’s support is directed. 


On being commissioned we spent and afternoon at a drop in session talking to patients on camera, asking them to tell their story and the effect that brain injury had on their own life and their family. From this we shortlisted 3 families who we felt would give the variety and impact to benefit Headway. We focus on the heartbreaking stories of acquiring a brain injury from the patients themselves but we swear the content to ultimately show a positive route forward thanks to the help and support delivered by the work of Lincolnshire Headway. 

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