Alstom Pendolino

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The Pendolino high-speed train was approaching its 15th anniversary since launching into operation on the west coast mainline in the UK.


Alstom is the manufacturer of the Pendolino. They wanted to celebrate the train’s impact. This involved including the views of the travelling public as well as the broader business and local economic impacts between London and North West hubs of Manchester and Liverpool where the effects have been most felt.


Also, Alstom wanted to include not only the Pendolino’s impact but also its future as it goes through its mid-life maintenance program. 


To capture the full scale and success of the Pendolino train, we filmed across multiple days and locations.


Starting at their maintenance facility in Widness, we captured the technical overhaul of the train. We were also able to film the apprentices who are being given opportunities to develop engineering skills on this advanced train. Therefore, we could take the story beyond the travelling public and into real-world economic and social impact.


We then took the story to Liverpool and Manchester. Here, we addressed how the improved rail links have boosted business growth in these regional hubs, thanks to improved connections with the capital. 

train at station

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