Some of the awesome short films we have featured on social media this month!


We love this visually stimulating short film by Deluxe’s Method Studios. This short showcases dancing avatars, which playfully reference the visual effects used throughout production. With Modern day pop music, mixed with the the avatars made of colourful fur, particles, feathers and much more! We saw an explosion of creativity and just demonstrates the extremely high level of visual effects we have today!


This short film was created to be Rapheal Vangelis’ animated autobiography, with years of dealing with computer frustration due to the daily crashing, freezing and buffering of his computer led him to construct ‘Analogue Loaders’. He’s taken well-known digital symbols we have all suffered with online, and turned them into something playful and creative. He wanted to show the hours we all spend in digital limbo on our computers.


Artistic Due SWEATSHOPPE produced this video to exhibit their creative journey around various cities across Europe. Over two weeks the artistic duo, with 5 meters of telescopic electronic paint rollers, constructed two-storey tall paintings on the sides of buildings. We were very much impressed with this new style of art, as it’s something we have never seen before!


This unique short film was inspired by raindrops on the creator’s flat roof! He loved the sound of the raindrops so much he decided to get out his microphones and record them. Visually, the video  shows competition between organisms for resources, which spurs on their evolutionary development, as each species tries to keep up with the innovations of the others. He also visualises the emergent ideas of flocking behaviour, where groups of individuals form beautiful dance-like patterns. In simple terms, the raindrop sounds are made into a piece of music, with moving cells floating around the space, to make a visually gripping piece of work. This short film is a beautiful example of when science meets art.


HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

Hyper – Reality is a kaleidoscopic vision of the future, showcasing the relationship between virtual and physical realties in daily life. Its a colourful burst of the digital world, mixed with the mundane tasks and situations of the real world. It’s a representation of a version of the world, we might live in one day in the future.

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