It’s that time of the month again! Last weekend the clocks went back, which for many may mean that days feel shorter and it’s already dark when you leave work.. but for you film buffs and movie lovers we know it means so much more; it’s the perfect time for binge watching! No more annoying sunshine glaring off your TV screen, no more seeing more of your own reflection on your laptop than what you’re actually trying to watch, just pure, glorious moving imagery. So once more we’ve rounded up the best in Online Content, Picks for Netflix and Upcoming Trailers just for your viewing pleasure! So get cosy, grab a cuppa and get watching.

Online Content

Settings Are Characters Too
As a filmmaker it’s always great to remind yourself of the best elements of films that inspire you, this is a good example of that. Though the narrator talks extremely fast in the video, he does highlight some excellent elements of set design and outlines the ways in which set and location and forward plot, and give your audience a heads up about a character or mood.

Heroes Journey
Anyone who has studied film (or watched too many) knows that there is a baseline structure underlying most narratives. The majority of films we watch carry the same key points, and just colour them with different characters, worlds and situations. This nifty little animation underlines this excellently, using recognisable elements from iconic films.


The X-Files: Ask Yourself
Carrying on with the minimalist animation theme, this month brought us an imaginative teaser trailer for the latest series of The X-Files. I’m not sure of the motivations for going down an animated route -perhaps footage wasn’t ready, maybe the producers didn’t want to reveal too much – but I think it was a great decision, that ended with a great little trailer!


If you haven’t been living under a rock you have probably already seen the trailer for Joy: it’s playing in cinema’s ‘n’ everything. However I felt in necessary to post here because the film looks incredibly promising, and it’s has all the makings of a great trailer, This includes, but not limited to; that perfect score, that is beautiful on the surface but is constantly whispering that something is terribly wrong here. Impending doom, just what we like to see in a drama.

Netflix Picks

Peaky Blinders Season 1

I’m not certain that I can remember the last TV series I watched that was actually British, Bake off & Gogglebox aside of course. Which makes Peaky Blinders stand out because it is oh, so British. The series is set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920’s and follows Cillian Murphy as the upcoming leader of crime gang the ‘Peaky Blinders’. The series does teeter on the line of becoming a bit cliched at times but it’s short length (only six episodes) and astounding use of set and costume make it a great distraction when you’re in the mood for getting lost in a series.

Beasts Of No Nation

New on Netflix this month, Beasts Of No Nation has been getting a huge amount of press. As Netflix’ first venture into the world of the exclusive feature release, Beasts has set Netflix up with a very bright future in film distribution. Netflix even released audience figures for the film – stating that it has received over 3 million views in the US alone which is “a bigger audience than any specialty film could ever hope for in its first two weeks of release, and maybe for its entire run”. The film is not only paving the path for this new form of wide distribution, but is also a must-see. Catch the trailer below:


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