Today is the day everyone has been waiting for, it is of course, Star Wars Day! The only day of the year where it is acceptable to watch all eight movies in a row without being judged. If you say ‘May the 4th’ out loud, you will hear yourself saying the famous quote which is recognised everywhere. Fans from around the world have made the date so popular, it is not uncommon to see #StarWarsDay trending on twitter and Facebook.

It was only in the last few years that this tradition has taken off, the month of May has a lot of connection with both the movies and creators. It was inevitable and only a matter of time before somebody thought of the idea of dedicating a whole day to their favourite films.

I love the worlds, I love the characters, I love the stories and I love humour

Laura from the London office fell in love with the movies later on in life, “I didn’t watch the first six episodes properly until my early thirties.

“I think they are amazing, all of them including the more recent ones, I particularly love that in the 70’s Star Wars and current releases they had strong female characters.

“I love the worlds, I love the characters, I love the stories and I love humour.

“BB8 is my favourite. (Sorry Chewbacca, you were recently demoted)”.

The board game Laura loved playing as a child, even though she found the Jabba the Hutt piece frightening!

For those who are looking to celebrate Star Wars Day, here are some tips on great ways to enjoy the day.

Star Wars Movie Marathon with friends and family is one way of spending time with each other whilst watching your favourite movies. The hardest decision of the day will be deciding whether to start with ‘The Phantom Menace’ or maybe a mini-marathon of ‘Rogue One’ and ‘A New Hope’.

Everyone likes an occasion to dress up and May the 4th is no exception! You can wear your favourite Star Wars t-shirt or put maximum effort into it and dress up as a Stormtrooper. If you are having a Star Wars Day party, dressing up your pet can guarantee to entertain all your guests. Who doesn’t love a pug dressed up as Princess Leia?!

Darren from the London office is proud to be a fan, “I’m a massive Star Wars nerd, I have been ever since I could form memories – obsessed with the films, the toys, the video games, the books, anything you can plaster a character or logo on, and still am. Unashamedly.”

“I even love the prequels! And to the annoyance of my girlfriend our apartment is filled with mugs, clothes and many many many toys… Luckily we now have a toddler so at least there’s some sort of excuse for all this stuff.

“Although teaching him they are toys to look at and not touch is getting harder by the day as he is already growing to love the characters – particularly Boba Fett and BB8, I simply cannot wait to show him the films in a few years!”

“It’s the most classic of tales, the heroes journey, probably its most perfect form (‘A New Hope’ I mean); but what I love most are the characters and world building, don’t think anything has ever matched the sheer scope of it.

“There are literally books written about a character you glimpse at for a second, a world fleetingly mentioned, but everything is so incredibly realised it all has a sense of history and not just superficial fluff.

“Ultimately though it’s the characters, so much personality, with incredible desires and conflicts, complex relationships that just make me care… Ah who am I kidding; it’s all because of the lightsabers.”

Dave from the Lincoln office reminisces about fond memories growing up loving Star Wars, “My brother and I fell in love with Star Wars back when we were kids and recorded Return of the Jedi from the TV.

“Soon after we got the whole trilogy on video and practically wore the tapes out, then wore out the re-releases a few years later.  That love never left me – I queued up at midnight to get tickets for Episode 1 when I was in college and travelled all the way down to London to see ‘The Force Awakens’ on the IMAX.

“The films have their flaws (particularly the prequels), but they have such imagination and charm, on top of some thrilling set pieces, that I find it impossible not to enjoy watching the films again and again.

“Bring on Episode 8!”

As Yoda said, “Always pass on what you have learned”, use May the 4th as a day to introduce a friend or family member to Star Wars, and remember to enjoy the day!

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