So it’s that fateful week-after-the-bank-holiday, and what a beautiful weekend it’s been. May has blessed us with two long weekends this month, and has somehow managed to forget to tarnish them with rain. BBQ’s ahoy! But, if you got carried away this weekend and are still feeling a little worse for wear, we’re here to rescue you with this blog post; you see we’re not just pretty faced creatives here at Blueprint, we’ve got your back.

We love video content, it’s what we do, so we’ve spent all month watching bits and bobs from here and there, and compiled it into a lovely long list. So sit back, grab that all important cuppa, and enjoy!

Short Fiction Films

A New Man
In this charming 9 minute short, one man in the mist of post break-up blues attempts to restart his life, and in a bid to avoid loneliness takes on different identities during chance meetings at his local coffee house. This is a simple, yet innovative little short that’s highly enjoyable.

43, 000 ft
What happens in the moments one realises they are about to die? It’s a morbid topic, we know but this film addresses the possibilities beautifully as a statictitian is sucked from a place at 43,000 ft, and calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds left to live.

All Your Favourite Shows
So this one is slightly ridiculous, but it’s a lot of fun. In this basic hand-drawn animation the action and tension is built up by clips from all your favourite shows (and films, but you see what they were getting at), it’s pretty ingenious.

Tiny Tape Recorder
If you are a fan of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I’d definitely recommend this one. It’s a longer short film (though it will still only take up 20 minutes of your time). After experiencing intense headaches, a man discovers a tiny tape recorder hidden in his ear, as it begins to malfunction he is confronted with images of his past that he must address head-on. It’s an interesting piece with a highly stylised, retro sort of vibe.

Start The Engine And Reverse
Last month we recommended Random Stop, and I mentioned a love for conceptual shorts that are equally simplistic and realistic. This one hits the mark, similar to Random Stop, its based in a car, and is shot entirely in one long sequence.

Online Video Content

RePlacing LRG Skate
Simple, but effective. This advert from LRG takes good branding and an easy idea and creates something great.

A few guys went trekking in Peru and video’s what they saw. It’s definitely been done before, but this piece is all about the editing style. Masterfully edited to it’s peaceful soundtrack, Peruventure captures the essence of a country beautifully.

Son Lux – Change Is Everything
This one is a simple stop motion music video for Son Lux, using only pins and thread on a board to create it’s story.

Netflix Picks

You’ve probably seen Rango, but if you haven’t you should have. Sometimes you just need a heartwarming animation staring Johnny Depp to get you through a Sunday afternoon, and this one should definitely be it. It’s original and genuinely funny and as an extra bonus, it’s packed with sneaky homages to please your inner film-buff.

Ah the 80’s, a solid era for teen-movie classics, and this one if definitely a favourite. All the necessary teen-flick conventions, with a good dose dark comedy, a sprinkling of murder and a whole heap of sky-high 80’s shoulder pads.

I honestly don’t think there is anything better than a good thriller; a film that can really get your heart racing, create tension and throw you off with a good twist. This does just that and more, taking the simple conventions of the thriller genre and adding a little extra flair.

I caught this when it came out at the cinema and was very pleasantly surprised. Chef, directed and starring Jon Favreau (Iron Man) follows a head chef who is belittled by a food critic and decides to open his own food truck with the help of his soul chef and his younger son. It’s a little cliched; our hero protagonist follows his dreams and on the way learns about the importance of family, friendship and all those obvious things. However, it’s clear this film intended to give it’s audience lots of warm fuzzy feelings and definitely succeeds, plus who doesn’t like looking at great food?

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