The top four search engines are changing their search algorithms all the time so it is hard for marketers to keep up to date! Google is a prime example of a search engine who likes to switch up their dynamics every so often. It is important to know how the latest algorithm works because it could harm your business marketing, even if search engine marketing is a small part of your strategy.

When there is an update to Google’s search algorithm it is important to not panic and start making big changes to your website in the hope that you are not affected by the change. A lot of the time, changes are made because Google are looking to improve search results and encourage better website results to fit into their system. You may see a slight drop in hits to your website or you may see an increase, the best tip is to wait to see what the new changes are and plan strategically what your next steps are.

It can be confusing keeping up to date with all the changes Google have made over the years. 

In the past, Google have been quite open with what the update will be called so marketers could define between updates but they have started to become more tight lipped with changes to the algorithm which is bad news for SEO marketers. The top three tips to follow to make sure your website doesn’t fall through in the search rankings are:

  • Fresh Content – Make sure that content on your website is relatively fresh, this is important because it means searchers are more likely to come across your website if the content available is up to date and relevant.
  • Engaging – If previous searchers have visited your website before and were satisfied with the results, your website is more likely to appear in the top search results.
  • High Quality – Google have always suggested that websites that contain content that is of high quality and includes information-rich pages which clearly and accurately describes your topic will help with search results.

Other techniques you can use to make sure your website is still appearing at the top of Google result pages is by going mobile. You may think that all businesses have gone mobile but that is not true, some businesses are yet to move into the mobile world. For those businesses who haven’t made that move yet, there is still time to go mobile before your search ranking suffers. Google encourage this change as they have chosen to include ‘mobile-friendliness’ as part of its ranking algorithm, it contains a tag underneath each result which shows what website is available as a mobile website which can heavily influence what website a user chooses.

This is an example of a Google search result displaying mobile-friendly websites at the top of the results page.

YouTube presence is also another great way to make sure your search ranking doesn’t dip. If you didn’t already know, YouTube is owned by Google and is fast becoming popular as a search engine itself. Video marketing is widely known as the top tool in the marketing world but having a strong YouTube presence can lead to your website being recommended in the top search results. Sharing product reviews or explainer videos can not only lead consumers to your products and services but making this media available to your target audience will enhance their experience.

The one way to guarantee a win against algorithm changes is to produce quality content and material for your website. Going through your old articles or clearing out dud links will improve your website search ranking on result pages. Google have made it clear that they prefer quality websites, instead of websites that only generate high-traffic or contain a lot of high ranking keywords. The reason why they update the search algorithm so often is to make sure that they are displaying results which will give the best results to the consumer using the search engine. Following these tips and techniques will allow you to limit damage to your website marketing strategy and also help you gain a new perspective on how to use search engine algorithms to your advantage!

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