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If you’re at work, we suggest you feign a stomach ache, slip your iPad into your jacket, cuddle its steely interface and race to the bathroom, lock that door and settle down for a good 27+ minutes of ecstasy for the eyes and soul. We’ve herded our favourite scenes, trailers, shorts, promos of the month into this one post and you’re going to want to pay attention…even if that means your co-workers refuse to shake your hand or look you directly in the eye for the rest of the day; embrace it.



At Blueprint, we love supporting new talent and giving a boost to upcoming filmmakers, the guys at Dusk2Dawn Pictures caught our attention this week with their glorious use of aerial footage in ‘The Wilds of Elephant Point – Rhino Safari Camp, Zimbabwe’, exploring the heartland of South Africa. The ease of movement that the drone supplies, equates to a sequence of swooping shots that caress the wilderness, in a dream like clip that sweeps the plains of Africa, where elephants, zebras and their pals roam wild. Dusk2Dawn Pictures are an award winning directing-photography duo (Tristan Vince and Claudia Baxter), with a breadth of experience in the creative industries who make powerful and persuasive visual content.

We also loved Mohammed, featured on Short of the Week – an amazing resource for anyone seeking some outstanding short films. Mohammed is about 12-year-old Adam who finds his 31-year old, superhero obsessed brother with learning difficulties a nightmare – until he sees a chance to use him to gain friends. A sweet film that handles adolescence, responsibility and family in a tender, compelling way.


Watch it here


Dazed and Confused present Clayton Vomeros’ bleak, magic, inspiring short, Gang. It the film features a cast that includes members of the Major Lazer dance team and Ghostface Killah’s son Infinite Coles.

The 17 minute long clip follows follows Coles, Mela Murder and Denasia Moore throughout a day in New York — from malls to the subway, Staten Island to Queens. While it’s evident that each member is individually battling life’s hardships, there’s no denying that friendship and creative expression is what holds the group together through the thick and thin.


Slow West:

John Maclean’s first feature is a boys-club western that wooed at Sundance staring Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ben Mendelsohn. It’s bursting with enchanting cinematography highlighted with sunny yellows curtsey of Robbie Ryan (Catch Me Daddy, Jimmy’s Hall and Philomena)


Hit and Miss director, Antoine Fuqua, looks to have a hit on his hands in the upcoming sports drama, Southpaw, picked up by The Weinstein Company. It has Jake Gyllenhaal at the helm (fully recovered from his coyote spell in Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal has some impressive bulk on him in this trailer reminiscent of Tom Hardy in Bronson), and Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker and Naomie Harris in the wings.

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