Giving back to our community

At Blueprint Film we are lucky enough to be able to work with some truly incredible organisations around the UK. Over the years our eyes have been opened to some of the amazing work that goes on with charities and community organisations. A lot of this work is unfortunately so often unseen and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. We’re striving to change that in the best way we can.

This is the bedrock of our community support. Since 2007 we have been operating a separate not for profit arts foundation. Formally Blueprint Film Foundation and now Blueprint Arts, the foundation supports hard to reach and disadvantaged communities, with a focus on young people, to harness the power of creative workshops to provide training and support for employment, mental health, wellbeing and essential skills such as communication and confidence building.

Blueprint Arts host creative workshops, live arts events and cultural festivals predominantly in North Kent. We support other local artists to provide educational and creative workshops and give opportunities to young people to explore creative pathways for their own future and to develop the cultural landscape of the local community in which we live and work.

Our Arts Foundation

Supporting Local Charities

We have been privileged over the years to be able to produce video content for charitable organisations all over the UK. Our work with the National Lottery Community Fund allowed us to profile dozens of small organisations working hard in their communities to provide vital services across a range of sectors including metal health and the environment. We’ve also work with UnLtd on case studies for social entrepreneurs and with Kent County Council on environmental schemes around the county.

We’ve also been commissioned directly for Charities including the British Heart Foundation, Headway and Dandelion Time.

This experience has shown us the incredible effect that video production can have on spreading the message about what they do. As such we offer all Charity and Community Organisations a 20% Discount on our productions.

From 2022 we are also launching a new scheme to support local charities where we will produce a promotional film free of charge for the charity. Details of our 2022 production and how charities can have the opportunity to be selected will be posted soon.

Here at Blueprint Film we are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our natural world. We all have our part to play and we feel we must do what ever we can to support our delicate eco system.

We now operate a 100% electric vehicle fleet which have vastly reduced our impact on air pollution and carbon use. However there’s more we can do. We recently launched a tree planting program on behalf of our customers. For every £1000 spent with us we will plant 15 trees. We have partnered with moretrees.eco to provide this service.

Our impact and the environment