Live + Streaming is our new facility that we have developed alongside our existing video production services in order to allow event organisers, charities, businesses and local authorities to share coverage of live events, keynote speeches, awards ceremonies and product launches to a much wider audience. Content can range from a business sharing a keynote presentation to satellite offices in the UK to a global product launch.

L+S Productions

Our live production unit can deliver HD video content with live graphics to all major online streaming suppliers, allowing secure and public broadcasts of event content to computers, streaming devices, tablets and smart phones. With 2 production bases in the UK, in London and Lincoln, we can cover the majority of UK locations with ease.

The recorded live Multicam edit of all productions will also be supplied as a encoded Video file for archive and additional distribution.

Streaming suppliers

Our all inclusive streaming packages start from £1600. For more information, a detailed quote or to discuss your requirements further please contact our studios.