Live streaming is one of the best ways to interact with your audience in real time. There is a range of Live streaming sites for you to choose from, such as Youtube, Ustream, or Periscope, just to name a few. You may ask the question, what things can I live stream? Well the possibilities are endless! You can stream a range of content from live events, award ceremonies, keynote speeches or product launches allowing you to reach a much wider audience.

Here are some ways that live streaming can help you connect …

#1: Host Interviews 

Sometimes, companies forget that the most important marketing tool they have is the people that work within the company. By producing short, live interviews with clients or employees, it showcases a human and personal side to your company. It’s very important to stay connected to your audience, one of the best ways to do this is by hosting an interactive Q&A session during the live stream.Where possible provide fresh content during the interviews, and try not to over promote the brand. Consistency is key to maintaining an engaged audience. Creating live streams and discussions about the same topic will mean your live interview streams will more likely be a success.

#2: Show You How The Product Is Created 

Typically, audiences don’t know the ins and outs of your business or how a product or services goes from the start to the beginning. By live streaming some “insider” knowledge, it gives a glimpse into business operates. Remember your audience often will only see the final results of your product or service. The journey to that point will be something new for the audience to see, this will likely increase understanding and engagement with your brand.

#3: Share Live Events 

By sharing live events to your audience, you can make them feel more connected to your company or industry. But the twist is, when live streaming an event you also have to let users be a part of the experience and incorporating them, as if they are apart of the live event too. By walking around the event showing them different things, this keeps the viewers connected to the stream for longer.  You can help personalise the content by letting your audience direct the stream by asking what they would like to see around the event.

#4. Giving A Behind-The-Scenes Look  

By giving a behind the scenes look that is typically off-limits or provides a different point of view for the audience, will interest the viewers. Showing users something they most likely never have access to, will really get the audience excited and will feel like you actually want to share your company culture with them. Also, remembering to keep an eye out for the comments and make sure you respond to them so it shows you’re actually engaging with the audience. Keep in mind that you can go beyond your company location, any place that can be linked to your company or product is great, and should spark excitement in your audience.


I hope we have opened your eyes to the seemingly endless possibilities there are for connecting with your audience using live streaming video. You could even combine some of these live streaming ideas and make something even more unique! The trick is to make sure you know your audience, ensuring that you know what they will find amusing and entertaining, from there you can decide what particular live streaming style best suits your brand!

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