It has been an exciting few weeks for Blueprint:Film as we finally unveiled a series of videos which educate others about contraception and popular myths regarding certain contraceptives. The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) have been spreading the message about safer sex for the last 65 years and we had the privilege of producing content which can help them continue to do that!

We have been big supporters of the work IPPF do all over the world and we were delighted to be able to pitch ideas to produce a series of films. The aim of the videos was to primarily educate young people about various myths and facts about certain contraceptive methods.

Breaking down the barrier and showing that there is nothing embarrassing about the topic was very important to us, so we decided to create a series of videos which would be entertaining, with a light approach and also be visually interesting.

After devising many different concepts, we felt that creating an animation of graffiti in a bathroom would be the best idea. The video includes live action with a narration which is supported by the animation.

Here is the first video we created about myths regarding IUDs. 

It was a great and fun project to work on

Darren who is based at our London office enjoyed working on the project, “It was a great and fun project to work on, we closely worked alongside IPPF to develop the scripts and concept.

“It was very important to us to produce videos that had a balance of engaging and entertaining content but we also knew it was important to make sure the facts were portrayed clearly.”

Once the concept had been decided, we started to shape the scripts and developed storyboards so we could showcase the initial look to IPPF of what the finished animatics would look like. They loved the first look so we got started with the hard work and began the animations!

Here is a still from one of the videos which is using animation to educate other about the implant. 

Once the animation and visuals were complete, it was time to record the voice over which was a critical aspect to the video as it explains in detail about the different types of contraception and common myths regarding them.

The final details to add to the series of videos were sound effects and music which would capture the viewer. Once the branding of the videos was also complete, they were ready to be released!

This is the second video that was released which informs viewers about the implant. 

The videos were staggered during the week, it was important to release one video at a time so viewers can intake the information and then allow them enough space so they are ready to digest the information from the next video which was released a few days after.

The series of videos were a big success online and on social media, there were copious amounts of views and shares which has been very exciting for both IPPF and Blueprint: Film!

Due to the success of this project, we are extremely happy to have the chance to work alongside IPPF again and we will be releasing another series of videos in the summer! More information about the work IPPF do is available on their website and the series of videos are also available to watch on their YouTube site.

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