A few weeks ago we held our annual Japan Festival in Lincolnshire, and we have to say this year was our best yet. Blueprint: Film Foundation developed this event to open people up to new forms of art, to expand creative boundaries and most of all introduce people to a new and exciting culture. We wanted the community to really come together and find new ways of enjoying and discovering artistic activities that the Japanese culture has to offer. We had some great feedback from those who attended the event – “We had a fantastic week! Hoping it’s back again soon!” 


This year over 1000 people attended the festival, and the brilliant range of  activities meant a wide variety of people got involved. We held a Nintendo gaming event and this was a chance to play on all of Nintendo’s past consoles. Alongside that, everyone had the opportunity to taste traditional Japanese Bento Boxes and enter tournaments on the big screen. This year we also held mini Nintendoland and Bomberman competitions.



Buddha Maitreya of Pureland Japanese Garden in Newark hosted a traditional tea ceremony, where he taught the history and traditions, the event was beautiful, and who doesn’t like tea? We also had an Ikebana workshop, which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, using minimalism and discipline to create unique displays. This was a great workshop for the couples wanting to impress their partners for Valentines day! Miwa Takabayashi, our Origami expert, hosted a classic workshop which was very popular – “We had a great time at the Origami workshop. Thank you 😊”

Yoko Takenami, our professional Japanese Calligrapher created a bespoke calligraphy workshop especially for Japan Festival 2017, our attendees relished the chance to learn this beautiful technique. Blueprint Film technical manager Dave particularly enjoyed this workshop! Here he is:


Elika, Lincolnshire’s Sushi pro, taught the art of sushi rolling with a ‘Let’s Roll’ theme, where participants created Maki rolls, Hoso Maki and much more, while filling their stomachs up to the max!  Elika also showcased her vast and fascinating knowledge of Japanese dining traditions for all participants to soak up!

Here are some pictures from this years Japan Festival.


Sushi Craft

 Calligraphy Workshop


 Origami Workshop


Martial Arts Workshops


The Japanese Tea Ceremony


Ruichi – Movement and Dance Theatre Show

Our team had a brilliant time putting the festival on, for everyone who came along we hope you enjoyed it too!

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