Social media has become a worldwide phenomenon over the last decade. Most people would gasp in horror if you revealed that you did not have a social media account, it is the norm to be online constantly.

It is not all about keeping up to date on what your next door neighbour had for their lunch, more and more businesses are using this modern online platform as a way of reaching their target audience at a fraction of the cost of print advertising.

One of the popular social media platform is Instagram, if you haven’t heard of it, people share updates and post through pictures. It is similar to Facebook but a lot more visual.

It is estimated around 70 percent of an Instagram users newsfeed is missed on a daily basis, recently Instagram implemented a “best-first” algorithm-based approach.

This shocked a lot of users and many complained that they were not getting the high engagement from followers as they were before, these are some tips to make sure your posts are being seen.

  • Timing – What time you post can determine how many people will view your picture and like it, making sure to post at prime times when people are most likely to be on their feeds is important. For example posting between 12pm to 2pm will get you a lot of interaction because a lot of people are online during lunch breaks. 
  • Engagement – Users are now able to like comments which are left on their posts, the more you like and comment on other posts, it is seen as a ‘positive contribution’ which can lead to higher engagement on your own posts. 
  • Previous Interactions – The algorithm takes into account interactions with past posts, so if you have a follower who has a high interaction rate with your posts, then their newsfeed will contain a majority of your updates.

As a video production company we like to keep our followers up to date with projects happening in both Lincoln and London, Instagram has been a great platform for us to share engaging images and videos.

It is important with each picture to write a compelling and interesting caption. It could be the most fascinating image but if the caption is boring and uninteresting, you will notice that you are not getting as many likes as expected.

Uploading videos is a great way of changing up your newsfeed, with videos it shows the total number of views which is a good way of keeping track of how much interaction you have had with the audience.

This is an example of a video from our Instagram page.

A big thing about online social media is hashtags, using the right hashtags is important because this is how you are discoverable which means more followers and more engagement. For example on the posts uploaded to our Instagram, we would use the hashtag #film or specific locations such as Bethnal Green if the post was related to the London office.

Nobody knows completely how the new Instagram algorithm works but the information and tips above can help if you have noticed a dip in follower interactions since it launched.

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