Boohoo! Boohoo! The time of the month has come where we hand over our precious blog to our brothers & sisters at Blueprint: Review! Not to worry, the blog will be in great hands with those favourable film reviewer! It’s time for their monthly blog takeover, the Haiku Review!

Top 10 Haiku Reviews:

We’re back!¬†There have been some absolutely fantastic cinematic releases over the past month (as well as some astoundingly terrible ones) and we’ve done our best to get you a mix of reviews covering the latest films, as well as a variety of things that we’ve been watching over the past four weeks (and we watch a whole heap of films!). Alongside all of our beautiful longform reviews that you can find on our website, we compose teeny little Haiku reviews with our Twitter community for all of those too lazy/busy to read a real review! Here’s the best of the best from the last month (in no particular order of course)!

KUNG FU PANDA 2: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Paint by numbers plot
But I enjoy this franchise
And it looks gorgeous

THE REVENANT: by Ben Parr (@benparr)
The Revenant (Bears!)
Leo earned his Oscar (Bears!)
Cinematic joy.

10 CLOVERFIELD LANE: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
This semi-sequel
Is filled with thrills aplenty
But not enough brains


STEVE JOBS: by Joshua Bradley (@airjoshb)
Solid cast and crew
Best startup tv pilot
No more episodes?

HAIL, CAESAR!: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Lower tier Coens
It crams in too many stars
For us to follow


LONDON HAS FALLEN: by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
Plot holes aplenty?
Who cares! Let’s just blow shit up!
It’s thumbs up from me.

THE WITCH: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Period horror
Thrives on chilling atmosphere
Unbearably tense


BATMAN V SUPERMAN: by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
So many plot holes;
Waste of Jeremy Irons.
Assfleck not bad though.

EDDIE THE EAGLE: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Cheesetastic sports film
Raises chuckles now and then
But never flies high


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