Have you missed us? We’re sorry there were no blog posts last week! Mikaela decided to swan off to Budapest instead of maintaining our social media presence. How selfish. This week however, we’ve got an old favourite for you: Haiku Review! That’s right, this week our Brothers and Sisters over at Blueprint: Review have condensed some of their reviews into bitesize Haiku’s for your reading pleasure. Let’g get going.

Haiku Review: Film Of The Month

Every month there’s one film that get’s our reviewers lining up in cinemas, and we get an influx in reviews and Haikus all about the same film, For June however, this has been more true than ever, with Jurassic World raking in audiences and achieving the biggest grossing opening weekend in history. An impressive feat, but was it an impressive film? The Haiku’s don’t lie.


JURASSIC WORLD by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Another Sequel.
My advice is watch the first
Classic film instead.

JURASSIC WORLD by Blueprint Film (@BlueprintFilm)
Expected stupid!
But I never expected
It to be so dull.

JURASSIC WORLD by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
Lots more dinosaurs
Don’t make it more exciting
Than the great first film.

Haiku Review: Top 5!

INSIDE OUT by Mikaela Smith (@MikaelaRhiannon)
Casting was spot-on,
Sadly something was missing.
Still pulled the heart-strings.

MR HOLMES by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Holmes sans mystery.
And Drama.. Oh, and story.
Has bad accents though!

FAR FROM THE MADDENING CROWD by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Danish director
Adapts classic novel. It’s
Good rather than great.


INSIDE OUT by Kate V (@PossiblyEvenMe)
Not Pixars best but
still good. Giacchinos score
didn’t quite kill me.

BRONSON by Mikaela Smith (@MikaelaRhiannon)
This theatrical
Masterpiece shocks and delights.
Also, Tom Hardy.


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