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Haiku Review: Film of The Month

Hello, from Blueprint Review! This month we’ve not only got the top ten¬†creative, enlightening reviews that are both short and sweet, but a few extras for you to enjoy. In the past couple of weeks, loads of you watched Mad Max: Fury Road. We don’t blame you, we watched it too, it was pretty great.. but we got a lot of Haiku Reviews based on just that film. So, Mad Max: Fury Road is this month’s ‘Film of the Month’, and we’ve spotlighted its best three Haiku Reviews.


Mad Max Fury Road by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
With hellish landscapes,
Of fire and death – Question is..
Who run the world? Girls!

Mad Max: Fury Road by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Utterly bonkers
Now this is pure cinema.
Action at its best

Mad Max: Fury Road by Kate V. (@PossiblyEvenMe)
Intense. Amazing.
Least interesting part? Mad Max.
Yeah, Chalize KILLS it.

Haiku Review: Top Ten!

As promised, every month we highlight the top ten teeny tiny reviews, and this month is no different. Here are the best Haiku Reviews of the month.

Furious 7 by Justin B (@RMatcha)
One long explosion,
Peppered with creepy ass shots
Makes for one long yawn.


Tony Benn: Will and Testament by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
The famous lefty
Gets passionate doc treatment.
Biased but rousing.

Tomorrowland by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
It’s a bit preachy,
But its imagination
And ideas shine.

50 Shades of Grey by Kate V. (@PossiblyEvenMe)
Nothing Redeeming.
For real, just watch Secretary.

Population 436 by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
I don’t understand,
How films this staggeringly
Terrible get made.

The Grandmaster by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
Stunning visuals,
Let down by sloppy writing,
Makes a pretty mess.

Tomorrowland by Lisa Maruson (@LisaMarkuson)
Sweeping emotion,
Meta historic reference,
Inspiring hip kids.


Big Game by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
Simple pleasures come
From knowingly silly fun .
Switch off and enjoy.

Django, Prepare a Coffin by David Brook (@Dave_or_did) This fun spag Western,
Doesn’t try to break new ground,
But amps up action.

Misery by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Music’s overplayed,
And it is pretty hammy,
But still brilliant.


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