It’s time for our monthly blog specifically designed to help out all our fellow filmmakers! Well, it was time on Tuesday, we’re very sorry it’s late but we’ve been incredibly busy with a lot of exciting projects this week. You can read about what’s been filling up our time this week in tomorrow’s Weekly Round-Up post! You don’t even have long to wait. It’s a win-win I say.

So, filmmakers. This week, we’ve racked our brains and poured over our Twitter accounts to find the best people to follow. These accounts are all useful to the filmmaking and video production industries in some way, and whether you’re already working in filmmaking or you’re trying to kickstart your career, these accounts could be useful to you!

Top ten Twitter accounts for Filmmakers (in no particular order)

1. No Film School (@Nofilmschool)
No film school is an incredible little hub of information. They post the latest articles from their website, covering everything from the latest in camera technology, to advice from directors (they had lessons from Alex Garland just yesterday), filmmaking events and an endless supply of hacks, tips and tricks on improving your craft. Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.03.16

2. Short Of The Week (@Shortoftheweek)
Lot’s of the best feature filmmakers start of with short films. It’s a great way to test out ideas, prove yourself to prospective funders and see how your crew works together on a project. We think it’s so important to watch and engage with other short films, especially if you’re planning on making one! Some of the best filmmakers of the future are making inspiring shorts now, and it’s terribly encouraging to see a community of filmmakers creating amazing films with whatever they have. Short of the Week curate some of the best shorts online, and their twitter account brings them right to your dashboard.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.11.00

3. Brian Koppelman (@Briankoppelman)
Screenwriter Brian Koppelman posts 6 second screenwriting tips onto his Twitter using Vine. Given their teeny-tiny length, they’re surprisingly useful and often provide a pleasant and encouraging tidbit for right when you need a little creative inspiration.

4. Digital Duck Inc (@Digitalduckinc)
Roger Duck is a Canadian video producer and aspiring filmmaker, he also seems to be an amazing superhuman finder of useful information for filmmakers. He doesn’t write content himself, like No Film School, but curates the most useful articles from around the web and is kind enough to share them with his filmmaker following. Thanks, Roger!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.21.52

5. SlashFilm (@Slashfilm)
Peter Sciretter is the genius behind the Slash Film account, he’ll keep you up to date on everything that’s going on in the film industry. See who is getting cast in what, catch the new trailers as soon as their posted and get in the know.

6.  Making Of’s (@Makingofs)
This one isn’t useful so much, as it’s a heartwarming and humbling reminder that everyone has it the same on film sets. Making Of’s is a film nerds dream, posting out photographs from sets and behind the scenes. See directors chatting to their actors, on-set group selfies and my personal favourite; a smattering of actors in difficult costumes just trying to have a peaceful lunch break.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.29.55

7. Indiewire (@Indiewire)
Indiewire is a great one for all you DIY types out there. You get-up-and-go-ers. That’s because Indiewire is all about Indie Filmmaking, so if you’re making a go of it with what you’ve got, then this is for you. This mostly covers news for the Indie filmmaking sector, but they also post out occasional funding opportunities and offer tips and advice. They also have a great review section, so if you want Indie film reviews, follow @CriticWire too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.35.52

8. Film4 (@Film4)
Perhaps an obvious one, but definitely a must for all us British filmmakers and film-watchers. Film4 post updates on what they’ve got in development (which is usually something to look forward to), and what they’ve got showing on TV that evening. Given that Film4 is on Freeview now, following this account is a reminder to switch off the Come Dine With Me re-runs, and put on something inspiring that gets the creative juices flowing. They also retweet job alerts from Channel4 and Film4’s recruitment; very useful for any of you looking to move into those circles.

9. Stage32 (@Stage32online)
Stage 32 is a free global social network and educational hub for film, TV, theater creatives, with over 400,000 members, their Twitter account posts a lot of film news like some of the others we’ve listed, but also provides a lot of links to film funding opportunities, competitions and festivals that may otherwise go under the radar.

10. Blueprint: Film (@Blueprintfilm)
Yes, We’ve put ourselves on the list. We had to. What would this blog be without shameless plugs of our own social networks? Seriously though, we do pour over the web for articles on new technology, great digital media and arts projects, film industry news and advice from filmmakers, so you don’t have to. We retweet information on funds and competitions and best of all, we post a cute Pug every Wednesday. Why bother following any of the other 9?

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