September has flown by in a whirlwind of autumn leaves and shiny conkers (ouch). We haven’t noticed though – we’ve been inside watching films! Here are all of the video essays and VFX breakdowns of the past month in one handy post.


Film vs. Digital

This nofilmschool article discusses the age old question with some new perspectives.

Buster Keaton

This Youtuber shows how influential Keaton’s films were using the most famous clips and some that are lesser known.

David Lynch: Good Ideas

The question that plagues creators is answered by David Lynch himself.



A VFX breakdown of some of the most dramatic scenes from Ghostbusters.

Stranger Things: 28 Creative Cuts

It’s the age of TV, and this video shows how series like Stranger Things are pushing the creative limits.



And finally: This perfume advert directed by Spike Jonze includes some amazing work filming in mirrors (or not in them), as well as making the viewer want to kick off their heels and go wild.

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