Another month comes to an end, and it seems only 31 days since the last time we gathered all of our posted videos of the past month and presented them in one handy blog post. Weird, that. On with the show?

Think Before You Buy

This month we launched our video for Kent County Council! It’s LEGO again, this time informing you of your consumer rights.

How To

This month we’ve got a plethora of how-to videos to lift your filmmaking to the next level! These videos show how masters of cinema achieved amazing and unusual things with film.

Creating The Illusion
In this awesome 20-minute video, RocketJump Film School answers that all too common question, “How did they do that?” by revealing how different production departments work together to pull off some of the most popular film tricks in history.

Choosing Your 360 VR Camera
This video from Pixvana breaks down the many choices of VR camera, explaining the pros and cons of each. Very useful if you’re thinking about expanding into VR!

Sound Designing the Unseen Character
RocketJump Film School is back at it again, this time explaining how sound design can transform a horror film and terrify your audience!

How To Get Cinematic Lighting With Just One Light
This video demonstrates some incredibly using lighting tips if you’re on a tight budget. It’s amazing how far a single LED can go.

And because it’s nearly Halloween…

How To Make An Oozy Nasty Fake Hand
We hope you’ve got a horror project on the go, because if not you might have to start one just to have an excuse to make this bleeding hand.

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