If you’ve a few free moments this lunchtime, then we have the blog for you! One again, we’ve rounded up our favourite bits and bobs from the wonderful world of the internet, just for your viewing pleasure. From short films, t0 brand new trailers and picks for Netflix, we’ve got everything you need to keep your peepers entertained this afternoon.

Online Content

Every Best VFX Winner Ever
The internet is awash with supercuts. we’ve probably posted more than our fair share on this blog over months past, but as awards season comes to a close, this one felt particularly relevant. This little video highlights one sequence from every film that’s ever won the Oscar for best VFX in chronological order. That doesn’t sound horrendously exciting, but it’s actually pretty great to watch (even if you skip through) to see just how far technology has come, and consider the possibilities in the future of VFX.

It Follows: The American Nightmare
We’re a bunch of film students at heart, with awkward student short films and dissertations a-plenty under our belts. So we love a good bit of film analysis. This youtube channel has a few different analysis’ on their page, but they have some particularly interesting ideas about hidden meanings within It Follows.

Film Trailers

Kubo and the Two Strings
We could’t be more excited about Kubo and The Two Strings! The animation looks absolutely stunning – it’s from the house that brought us The Boxtrolls – and the plot looks like just the right level of absolutely bonkers (check out the trailer below). We’re also very excited by the stellar cast, which includes Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara and Ralph Fiennes.. What more could you ask for?

Short Film

The Irrational Fear of Nothing
This is a little conceptual short film sponsored by Olympus’ ‘Point of View’ series with Vimeo. The Irrational Fear Of Nothing uses one of our favourite cinematic tools – The Snorricam – only this film uses nothing else, and it uses it to the rear of the protagonist. The idea of constantly standing behind the protagonist, with him largely blocking the shot fits so well with the rest of the film, which focuses on his crazy, irrational inner monologue.

Netflix Picks

House of Cards Season 4 (and all other seasons)
House of Cards is without a doubt one of Netflix’ best outputs, and season 4 could be one of it’s best seasons yet. To be honest, we lost faith a little bit somewhere in the second season. It had lost a little bit of it’s thrill. Now HOC has never been a thriller of a series, much of it’s shock factor is based in conversations rather than actions but the first season was punctuated with those jaw-dropping moments that weren’t so present in the following two. They are more than present in the fourth season, and it’s also brimming with political relevance, offering a twinge of social commentary to the mix. A fantastic watch.

The Look of Silence
Where can we begin with The Look Of Silence? If you’ve seen The Act Of Killing, then this really needs no introduction and it’s probably already firmly planted on your to-watch list. If you haven’t then you really need to stop what you’re doing and go watch that, then log on to Netflix and watch this. Though not if you’re having a bad day, you really need to be mentally ready to take these two films on.

Blue Ruin
We’re probably posting this because we’re just absolutely cannot wait for Green Room to come out. Blue Ruin is Jeremy Saline’s debut film and it is a demonstration of his incredibly ability to create tension. It’s a clenching-every-muscle-in-your-body kind of film, and lucky for you it’s currently streaming on Netflix.

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