A lot has happened this month, both here at Blueprint and, as everyone knows, elsewhere in the world. Amidst all these changes and this uncertainty, it can be good sometimes to take a step back and distract yourself with a good film. Unless you’re working for the government, in which case you probably have other things to do…

Here is a round up of all the films and videos we’ve posted over the last month! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with everything we post in the future.

Short Films

Las Vegas In Infrared (Phillip Bloom)
This video was published on NoFilmSchool and shows British filmmaker Phillip Bloom’s experiments with infrared filming. Bloom: “I have had some people say they don’t understand why I am doing this as it could ‘easily be done in post’…it can’t. Infrared shooting is more than just funky colours; it is capturing light that we cannot see, and the way the camera interprets it is utterly unique.” This video certainly demonstrates the unusual and beautiful atmosphere infrared can create on film.

The Secret World of Foley
This film, featured on Short of the Week, goes behind the scenes into the illusive world of foley artists. The related post from NoFilmSchool explains some of the ways filmmakers can create their own sound effects – pretty useful, and it looks fun!

This by now infamous short film comes from Oscar Sharp, who fed a bunch of sic-fi scripts into an algorithm and filmed the randomly generated result. Although the result is sometimes nonsensical, it can also be unexpectedly poetic – “He is standing in the stars and sitting on the floor” reads one stage direction, hilariously and paradoxically realised in the film, while another character says poignantly “He looks at me and he throws me out of his eyes.” You can watch the film here, and read the screenplay here.

The Lion City II – Majulah
This amazingly beautiful time-lapse of a developing city in Singapore was shot over three years. The result is an ethereal film, which captures the extreme changes in the city over a relatively short period of time. Filmmaker Keith Loutit’s film was Vimeo Staff Pick, and you can see why.

This incredible film is the result of a nail-bitingly risky shoot involving a drone camera and the priceless interior of a Byzantine church. Filmmakers Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud, or BigFly, flew their drone camera through Saint Louis Church in Paimboeuf, revealing tiny details that would be impossible to see from the ground. More about this film here.

Matt and Kim – Let’s Run Away
This music video doubles as a demonstration in a new DIY camera technique known as ‘Centrophone’. Let the video speak for itself.

Daddy’s Girl
And finally – a more conventional short film (though that’s no bad thing). This thriller/horror by Jed Hart uses atmospheric and creative lighting to really up the suspense, framing some beautiful shots in the course of the tense narrative. Tropes abound, but that doesn’t stop the film from being genuinely creepy. Like many short films, the ending feels somewhat abrupt – but the buildup is masterfully done. Where is that set?!



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