The sun has gone in. Although it’s still muggy here in Bethnal Green, there’s a definite change from the brilliant sunshine of last week, and as July wraps up we look back on the films and videos we’ve shared this month.


This demonstration video showcases the first fully adjustable car rig, which could be hugely useful when shooting projects like car commercials and even action sequences and car chases.



Pepe Danquart’s Oscar-winning short film is from 1992. A racist woman loudly complains about the black man sitting next to her on the tram, while the rest of the carriage passively ignores the abuse. Eventually the man gets his own back, this time helped by the continued silence of the passengers. Personally, I think the real conflict in this film is not the one between the racist woman and the man. Through lengthy shots of commuters looking away, shifting, ignoring the abuse, Danquart heavily suggests that their lack of action makes them implicit and guilty. Even at the end, when the crowd’s silence works against the woman, they are not redeemed. The end of this film, where the woman gets her comeuppance, could be entertaining and uplifting were it not for the continued relevance of these themes today.

The Pig Child

Watch this. Then read this. Good luck sleeping tonight.

(Side note: the review from Short of The Week is really interesting.)

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