It’s the best blog of the month! Yep, Films of The Month is back and bigger than ever (basically we had loads of time to watch stuff over Christmas, and now we have time to chat to you about it). What better way to beat the January Blues than to curl up with some of the best videos the world wide web has to offer?

Filmy Featurettes

A new category is upon us this month! ‘Filmy featurettes’. We promise to come up with a better title… at some point. This month we’ve got a bunch of great videos that are about films, not all of them are actually featurettes, but they don’t have another category to go in, so you’ll have to like it or lump it.

Anomalisa: Behind The Scenes
Anomalisa isn’t out in the UK yet (booooo!) but we’re counting down the days until it is. This little snippet gives enough of a tease to get you excited about the film, whilst showcasing the incredible amount of hard graft that clearly went into it. The clip makes us feel like every tiny moment of the film must be appreciated, and we’re certain that it will.

Ex Machina VFX Breakdown
We like this because sci-fi VFX breakdowns are really cool. Also because it’s nice to see that Alicia wander was basically just wearing grey fishnets for the entire film, and and someone, somewhere managed to make her skin look like a see-through mesh tube full of wires. Mind Blowing.

Pixar’s Tribute to Cinema
This is a great little supercut from Jorge Luengo Ruiz, who’s managed to find all the best film references that Pixar have made, clips from all the films they reference and edit them together for your viewing pleasure. If you feel like you need to appreciate Pixar’s hard work any more, then this is the video for you.

Teaser Trailers

As a group of filmmakers, we love to get excited about upcoming films. Don’t know if that’s something you may have noticed on this blog. This month we’ve had 3 stand out teasers that have us on tenterhooks for the films release.

The Witch
A full trailer has been released for The Witch more recently, but to be honest we think the teaser is better. We want to be excited about a film, but not know too much (or any) plot info; this hits the mark. It’s also terrifying, and we’re always very welcoming of new, exciting horror pieces, as it can be a rarity. Hopefully this will be the ‘It Follows’ of 2016.

The Green Room
We’ve been waiting for more info on The Green Room since we first heard about it’s existence. As big fans of Blue Ruin, we can’t wait to see what else the director has to offer. Patrick Stewart’s performance in this trailer alone is absolutely bone-chilling and we can’t wait to see more.

House Of Cards
Okay, this one is not a film. But we’re not discriminatory here and in this golden age, TV has a lot to offer. The fourth season of this Netflix-original starring Kevin Spacey, and even though this teaser appears to give us absolutely no new information about the film, we can’t help but appreciate the fantastic nerve-tingling quick edit style teaser.

Bits & Bobs

Here we have a selection of other great videos that we think you’d appreciate, unfortunately they don’t really relate to each other or anything else. So we’re referring to this category as ‘bits and bobs’. Enjoy.

70mm Tarantino Time-Lapse
As you may be aware, Tarantino recently released a film, he shot it entirely on 70mm film and requested that where possible, cinemas screen it on film too. This is an absolutely stunning time-lapse of the projection process of a screening of The Hateful Eight. It’s potentially even more beautiful than actually watching the film (but don’t tell Tarantino) and makes us particularly sad about the influx of digital culture.

The State Of Union Address
The State of Union address is a bit of a strange addition to our Films of the Month blog, and to be honest, we didn’t listen to the politics (or any of the words). But we can appreciate CNN’s interesting (if somewhat bonkers) attempt at recreating Wes Anderson’s trademark style for this clip.

The Wire
If you’ve seen The Wire, you’ll probably be well accustomed to it’s title sequence and opening soundtrack. If you haven’t seen The Wire leave this blog immediately, retreat to a dark room and don’t come out until you’ve finished all five seasons. We’re serious. The well-loved title sequence gets a stunning refresh in the form of this animated homage by Elliot Lim, it’s eye-catching, interesting and you’ll find new parts to love with every watch. Much like The Wire itself.

Role Reversal
Glamour magazine posted out an interesting series last month, where they invited actresses to take on iconic male film roles in to-camera monologues. This one featuring award-winning actress Uzo Abuda (Orange Is The New Black) take on Hannibal Lector in Silence of The Lambs is particular unsettling.

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