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The short film category has made a comeback this month! Unfortunately it only features one film (sad times). We love film in any format, give us a short film, give us a feature, we’ll always let director off for numbing out butts for 3-hours (Tarantino I’m looking at you) and we even like those awkward 40 minute shorts that aren’t really short and no one knows what to do with. We love them all. Unfortunately short films don’t get a lot of our time, perhaps the world should go back to screening little shorts before big features. We’d like that.

Pre Vis Action
This month, one of our favourite filmmakers Gareth Evans took a break from his busy schedule (we hope not for too long, we’re still waiting for The Raid 3 & 4 over here Gareth) to shoot a black and white Samurai short film. The project was designed as a test action sequence that would use the filmmakers signature style, rhythm and masterful choreography, but fit a PG/12A audience. We like the results.


We don’t have any trailers to offer you this month! We’re sorry, we don’t know what happened. We were actually all fired up and ready to post The Jungle Book trailer after the big Super Bowl reveal, but it just didn’t blow us away! The idea of Idris Elba as a villainous tiger is the kind of genius we can get on board with, but for some reason it just didn’t translate in this trailer, perhaps the CGI is too good for the animals to viably be talking. Hopefully the film will prove us wrong.

The Jungle Book
Actually we’ve written so much about it we may as well post it! So in case you missed it:

Filmy Featurettes

THR’s Cinematographers Roundtable
Ah, awards season, what a beautiful time of year. Every media outlet is releasing a constant stream of interviews and featurettes for us filmmakers to feast our eyeballs on. Plus the cinema listings aren’t bad either with a new reason to hit the big screen nearly every week (a huge feat for the Lincoln office that struggles with our sad, very mainstream Odeon). The Hollywood Reporter produce the cream of the crop every year with their Roundtables. What could be better than gathering some of the greatest minds in cinema around a table and watching them pick each others brains for an hour? Literally nothing, in our humble opinion. Here’s their February edition, featuring the cinematographers on some of 2015’s most highly acclaimed films:

Every Frame a Painting – Mother
Every Frame a Painting post a range of great video-analysis’ of the film form. They take on a range of film styles and genres and break them down, showing us hidden meanings, homages and style choices. It’s a film geeks dream, basically. This month, we caught their analysis of the stunning Korean language film ‘Mother’ and it’s use of the telephoto profile shot throughout the film. It’s insightful for filmmakers & film-watchers alike.

We don’t know about you, but we love a good title sequence. These days, they’re often used to set up the tone of the film, and we think they really add a new layer of creativity to whats on screen. This short (11 minute) doc takes you on a history of the title sequence, where and why they started happening, the trends and how they’ve developed over the years and showcase some of the best there is.

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