If you can bear to tear yourself away from the sunshine (and we don’t blame you if you can’t), we’ve got a great monthly post full of video goodness! As a gorgeously sunny summer comes to a close, we look back on the films, featurettes and videos we’ve tweeted over the last month. Make sure you’re following us @blueprintfilm to watch them as we post them!


Thunder Road

Jim Cummings’s short film has been deservedly picking up awards left and right from a host of prestigious festivals around the world. This heart wrenching 12 minute monologue explores the relationship between parent and child at the moment when death inevitably separates them. I’m not going to lie, I sobbed through most of this, and then immediately texted my mum.

In the comments, Terry Geer describes this film as “Painfully funny. Strangely tender. Slyly poetic.” See for yourself, but keep the tissues handy.


The film that’s breaking the internet (in film-making circles, anyway). This feature length movie contains five short films by “adventurous” up-and-coming indie directors, in which they interpret each other’s dreams for the screen in a myriad of experimental ways. The main reason collective:unconscious is so groundbreaking though, is that it’s being given away for free. Read more about the reasons behind this here.

00:04:31 Black Soil, Green Grass (Directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone // Dreamt by Lauren Wolkstein)
00:23:22 First Day Out (Directed by Josephine Decker // Dreamt by Lily Baldwin)
00:33:45 Beemus, It’ll End in Tears (Directed by Lauren Wolkstein // Dreamt by Frances Bodomo)
00:45:36 Everybody Dies! (Directed by Frances Bodomo // Dreamt by Josephine Decker)
00:55:41 Swallowed (Directed by Lily Baldwin // Dreamt by Daniel Patrick Carbone)


The Evolution of Stop-Motion

This featurette presents over one hundred years of stop motion animation in three minutes, showing the amazing creativity behind the art form from the early 1900s all the way through to today. I like the apple that turns into Albert Einstein. Why not?

Camera Department 101

This who’s-who of a Hollywood camera department is extremely informative in terms of the roles and how they’re carried out.


This video is pretty cheesy, and doesn’t have much to do with filmmaking (or so we’d like to think…). However, it’s a great example of using stock footage, screen captures and infographics to convey information in an exciting and engaging way. It’ll also kill a few minutes before starting that massive task – but you didn’t hear that from me.

Game of Thrones

While not strictly about film (although let’s be honest, nowadays TV is often where it’s at), this breakdown of a complicated action sequence is interesting to filmmakers and Game of Thrones fans alike. Whatever the budget of a film, organisation is key to a successful shoot.


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