April is coming to a close, and while we’re hoping it doesn’t fill our bank holiday weekend with it’s trademark showers, we can’t be sure. Fortunately, if -like us- you appreciate the joys of staying inside and not letting the whims of the weather be the ultimate decider of your plans then we have the blog for you. We’ve rounded up our favourite films; trailers, online content, featurettes and Netflix picks so you have plenty to watch while avoiding rubbish bank holiday weather.

Film Trailers

As filmmakers, film graduates and all-round film-lovers, we get pretty excited about what’s coming to our screens in future (if you’re reading this blog, it’s probably safe to assume that you do to!). So here’s some of what’s been ruffling our feathers this month:

LoveTrue looks like a feast for the eyes and ears. The Shia LaBeouf-produced Documentary will play at this years Tribeca Film Festival, and is hotly anticipated. Shot in Alaska, Hawaii and New York, respectively, the film follows three real-life relationships and the complications that plague them, and features an original score by Flying Lotus.

Supercuts & Featurettes

By this point, it has probably been established that we’re obsessed with films (we’re not that bad), but because of this, we also enjoy all the bits that¬†appreciate and pay homage to the craft. These clips do just that:

Colour Theory
Colour is an important factor in the design of any film, colour can make an audience feel a range of different ways about a scene or character and it can heavily alter the tone of a film. This supercut highlights some of the best and most interesting uses of colour in film.

First & Final Frames
Okay so this is really about TV, but honestly, we love anything visual and in this golden era of television, lots of our favourite dramas could easily be (really really long) feature films. This supercut showcases the first and final shots from some of our favourites and it’s interesting to see how each series can be compressed with these visual bookends. Beware, this film contains spoilers aplenty.

Constructing Mayhem
We have spoken about the joys of a VFX breakdown many a time on this blog. We really enjoy them, which is interesting because in practice, we can really appreciate the filmmaker that puts time and energy into creating effects for real, on set. Sometimes however, the imagination creates images that are simply impossible to create without a little computer-magic. This breakdown covers -that- action sequence from Deadpool, and the tireless lengths the CGI artists went to to create it.

100 Shots/100 Years
Jacob T Swinney is basically the king of Supercuts at this point. He’s featured many a time on this little blog, but this might be our favourite piece of work he’s done. 100 years/100 shots is exactly as the title would suggest; simple in nature – just 100 of the best shots from the last 100 years of filmmaking (one shot per year). But there’s something about being able to watch the history of cinema unfold before your eyes. Each shot represents the height of cinema at the time, and often reflects a part of society at that time too, it’s interesting to see all of the progress that’s been made, compressed into 6 minutes.

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