Video marketing is no longer just for big corporations, it is now accessible to freelancers and SMEs. If you can afford it we would always advise you use a professional organisation to produce the best video work possible, as everything you put out there is a reflection of you and your business, however, we also understand that finances don’t always make this possible, particularly for new start-ups.

Being able to create high-quality video for your business is now easier than ever, thanks to most of us having high-definition cameras in our pockets, and access to simple and approachable editing software. This low-budget way of creating marketing has the power to make your videos go viral, and can generate a lasting impression for your potential customers.

If you are reading this, I assume you already know the benefits of video marketing; nevertheless, here’s a few (of many) reasons why it’s so important:

We’ll be doing a blog post soon on more stats and market research into the importance and effectiveness of video, but basically everyone loves it, so to attract potential customers to your business you need to incorporate great video content into your marketing strategy.

# Preparation

Most promotional videos are no longer than 75 seconds. Research by Wistia showed that videos under one minute long retain 80% of their audience by the halfway point, which drops to 60% for videos 2-3 minutes long and about 50% for 5-10 minute videos.

To ensure the best results from your new marketing video, make sure you plan plan plan! You should think about what you are selling – a brand, a product, a lifestyle, etc? Ensuring you know who your target audience is, and how you want them to feel about you and your business (professional, creative, fun, effective etc) and  the video needs to effectively communicate what you are selling to the right audience.

Creating a storyboard is also important, what shots do you want; so on the day you won’t be wasting time thinking about that you want. Watching some other films to get some inspiration is a great idea for this to see how effective video tells their story. Here’s a few examples  Script it, prepare interviewees or actors/models, perfect that script – you really can’t do too much preparation.

# Equipment

The latest Android or iPhone are just capable of capturing video footage, but using the built in microphones have their disadvantages when trying to capture audio in a noisy environment. You can grab a Lapel microphone on the high street from £20 upwards, this would definitely up the quality of your video and one of the biggest weaknesses of a lot of self-shot films from small businesses.

# Filming

You may be wondering do I shoot landscape or portrait? Generally we always recommend landscape (horizontal); but as video is now most-viewed on mobile devices there is a bigger push for portrait. If you are planning shorter social media content on a regular basis then portrait could be a way to go; but for the main promotional video shoot in the more cinematic landscape mode; generally though, you can never go wrong with landscape. Shooting in quiet areas is also recommended, the quieter the area is, the less external influences can disturb your filming.

# Editing

The next step after you have successfully filmed, is to edit your material. For this you can download free video editing software, Window’s Movie Maker is a popular choice for PC and iMovie for Mac. However there are apps such as Magisto and Animoto you can easily download. You can work from a range of templates and presets in these apps, and is something which is good to use for beginners, but with great results.

# How do you distribute your video?

You have completed your high-quality video and it is now ready to share with the world, you can share this using your own company website and various social media platforms, the best ones for businesses are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although we recommend YouTube and Vimeo, it’s worth putting it on YouTube, then embedding that video onto your website improves SEO dramatically (thanks to Google owning YouTube and boosting its importance).

In 2015, 18-to 49-year olds spent 4% less time watching TV, and 74% more watching YouTube in the same period. Youtube is more popular than watching TV! Video appears on 55% of all search results, with YouTube accounting for 82% of the videos.

Creating and editing your own video content is a good starting point, and great practice. However, in time you can accelerate your video marketing process by hiring a video production company to produce that amazing top quality video, with their experience and expertise you can relax knowing that you don’t need to deal with the long process of organising a shoot, finding and hiring equipment, looking for locations etc. This along with a deep understanding of marketing trends, effective distribution and working with you to come up with the great ideas that really help boost your business.  I hope after reading this you’re at least half way to becoming video marketing pro’s and we looking forward to seeing what you produce.

If you need any help or advice with any of these points don’t hesitate to get in contact, we are happy to help.

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