Netflix and Kill: Do cinemas have a future?

May 15, 2017Opinion

Over the last decade, the way we consume media and film has changed drastically, gone are the days of renting DVDs and videos, the cool new thing to do is to stream straight from the comfort of your own home. It’s not surprising that the online streaming phenomena has become so popular, with thousands of different … Read More

May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Day

May 4, 2017Opinion

Today is the day everyone has been waiting for, it is of course, Star Wars Day! The only day of the year where it is acceptable to watch all eight movies in a row without being judged. If you say ‘May the 4th’ out loud, you will hear yourself saying the famous quote which is recognised … Read More

The Future of Virtual Reality

April 24, 2017Opinion

Virtual Reality has had masses of attention over the past few years, and has gained immense popularity. Shawn Cheng, an investor with venture capital firm Vayner, said he expects VR to reach mainstream, which he defines as the point when roughly one-fourth to one-third of the population has a headset in their living room, in the last … Read More

Our Pick Of The Best Short Films

April 5, 2017Opinion

Some of the awesome short films we have featured on social media this month! 2016 AICP SPONSER REEL – DIRECTORS CUT  We love this visually stimulating short film by Deluxe’s Method Studios. This short showcases dancing avatars, which playfully reference the visual effects used throughout production. With Modern day pop music, mixed with the the … Read More

Weekly Round Up

March 3, 2017Opinion

There has been lots going on this week with the Blueprint team! Bay our new intern has joined us all the way from Boston, and she’s here to help with the distribution and promotion of Blueprint’s feature film Vigilante, which is very exciting! We asked Bay her thoughts about the approaching project “I can’t wait … Read More