Here at Blueprint: Film video production company we are very excited to be a part of the unique networking and marketing  group called BNI, and we are a member of the well-respected Knightsbridge London circle. The organisation is based on a professional “word-of-mouth’ programme, and is there to help all the members engage and develop fundamental relationships with other business professionals from all different areas; from a handyman, to a solicitor, web designers and a personal coach. We want to expand the group as much as possible and are always very keen to introduce new professionals to our circle. The great thing about BNI is that only one individual or company per sector can join, that means we are the only video production company in the group, how lucky are they?


Every week each person has 60 seconds to talk about their business and what they specialise in. Alongside that, one person will conduct a 10 minute presentation promoting their company, and this rotates weekly. Last week it was our turn, with our filmmaker Darren giving one very passionate presentation! Therefore Blueprint: Film thought it would be a great idea make a 60 second video showcasing the BNI Knightsbridge London circle, we really wanted to get across the professional but welcoming atmosphere that our group has, because we really do want as many people as possible from all areas to join our marvellous Knightsbridge circle!

Although recent members, we have already received work, and very much thrilled and excited about the group going forward with it, and everything it has to offer us!  If you’re interested to hear more about this please visit


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