Awareness and Explainer Video helps to develop understanding and elicit empathy

Awareness and Explainer Video is great at discussing, explaining, and promoting complex or dry content. Using different mediums such as animation, results in a more fun, more engaging approach that people will not only want to watch, but take in the information and even share.


In this video-first world, where people don’t want to read endless text on understanding a business, product or service, video is the perfect medium to engage your potential client, connect with them, then convert them.

96% of people say they've watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service


If a picture is a 1000 words then a minute of video is 1,5000,000

Some products, services and messages are not easy to explain, this is where video particularly excels – using imagery, text, and music to say a lot, very quickly. All wrapped in the medium with the longest dwell time, and highest conversion rate of any marketing tool.


Explainers consist of four aspects – the problem, the solution, features and benefits.

For service and product providers, to charities and public bodies – what is the problem, how do you solve it, what particular features do you offer and how, ultimately does it benefit your potential customer?