August is drawing to a close. It’s been a pretty (extremely) busy month for us here at Blueprint HQ, but we’ve still got time for everyones favourite blog. Well, my favourite blog..  it gives me an excuse to do one of my favourite past times: watching things, and writing about things I’ve watched. This month we have had some real gems, so grab a cuppa and get settled; it’s time for this months run down of the best video content, short films and picks for Netflix.

Video Content

Ah, the internet, a vast medium with so much to offer. I could (and do) spend far too much time seeking out film online. With the accessibility of modern filmmaking technology, the web really does offer a fantastic platform for talented creatives to get their work seen… by me.

LA Landscapes
I’m reasonably certain that I have spoken about drones on this blog every single month.  But that is because every single month someone puts a drone somewhere exciting and uses it in a way that impresses and surprises me. It gets me every time. What’s refreshing about this (other than the colourful and intriguing landscape and architecture of Los Angeles) is the directors thoughtful approach to drone usage. He has an impressive protocol that is highly considerate of those that could be affected by his drone usage. Ian Wood gives a great name to drone filmmakers everywhere.

In Praise of Chairs
This may seem like a bit of an odd choice, but it comes from my inner filmmaker (and chair lover). In Praise of Chairs in Kevin Zhou’s visual essay on the importance of production design. In his video he discusses how small elements of good design can give huge pay offs in your film, using great examples from some of your favourite films.

Powerful Iceland
Who doesn’t love a beautiful landscape? Nobody. The world is filled with so many stunning places, many of which I will probably not be able to see. Fortunately, there are lots of talented filmmakers willing to travel to these places and do their best to really capture the essence of these wonders. Powerful Iceland is a perfect example of that.

This is not a film, or video content. Really it shouldn’t be in the blog but I am impressed, and I think you should be too. Cinemetrics is in short a ‘fingerprint for film’. Created as part of a final thesis at Hague’s Royal Art Academy by Frederic Brodbeck, Cinemetrics collates data about a film and creates a moving digital image from it. You can search a film and get an idea of it’s tone, pacing, mood, genre and style by looking at it’s fascinating fingerprint image. Watch the video for a much better explanation:

Short Film

Once again I must apologise. It seems August got away from me and I didn’t watch many short films. Shame on me. I did watch one though, and it was pretty great:

Coda is a strange, beautiful and haunting film, styled in lovely 2D animation. The film follows a man after he is unexpectedly killed, and begins to reflect upon his own life whilst doing his best to prolong it and escape death. It sounds much less heartwarming and profound than it actually is, so all I can hope is that you ignore my terrible description and watch the film anyway.

Trailers & Upcoming

It appears I have spent a lot of August watching film & TV trailers. I actually think I do this every month, but this month there has been more to be excited about. Here’s my rundown of what you should be looking forward to!

Black Mass
Johnny Depp is back! Johnny Depp hasn’t really been away, but he has been stuck in Tim Burton land, and where I have little against Burton I’m excited to see something new from Depp. He’s a talented actor and I think that goes beyond the oddball characters of recent years. Plus it’s a crime film and nothing thrills me like a good crime narrative. Watch the trailer and see for yourself:

This Is England ’90
Like many fans of the original film, I have been long awaiting the third series of This Is England. Billed as the final instalment, the new series will finally arrive on our screens September 13th. Two weeks! That’s just enough time to mentally prepare ourselves for the trauma and heartbreak that I am certain the short, 3-part series will put us through.

I will watch any show that HBO bring to my screen. After offerings like The Wire, Girls, True Detective, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos & Boardwalk Empire, they can really do no wrong in my eyes. Their latest gift to our eyes will by Vinyl, created by the writers from Boardwalk Empire and produced by the likes of Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger (!!!!), this 70’s rock ‘n’ roll bonanza is definitely one to put in your diaries.

Netflix Picks

When we have run out of things to watch, or we don’t have the energy to peruse the vast wonder of the world wide web, only one website can save us. Netflix.

Short Term 12
Short Term 12 is a beautiful film for a Sunday afternoon (or any afternoon). It’s warm and empathetic narrative follows a group of neglected teens in a home for at-risk youths, and their compassionate social worker (Brie Larson). The stories and characters at work in this film really will pull on the heart-strings, but not to worry, there’s also plenty of good humour to go round.

This compelling sci-fi is an impressive debut from writer-director James Byrkit. Made on a low-budget, with little to no SFX the film is a refreshing addiction to the science fiction genre, replacing flashy techniques with good, simple ideas. Excellent performances from it’s cast too.


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