The weather Gods have not blessed us today. After a solid few weeks of sun, we’ve been cursed with miserable, miserable rain. On the plus side, what better a time to curl up, shut the curtains, grab a cup of tea and make your way down our curated list of the best film & video content this month. I’ve had a good peruse of our social media accounts and here’s your list of everything we’ve been recommending, enjoy!

First Up; ‘Random Stop’ 

Ah, Short film – my soulmate. For me, it doesn’t really get better than a great short film. So the feature will always have my heart, but is anything more impressive than a complete and evocative story told in less than 10 minutes? Random Stop accomplishes this, and does it with excellent conceptual style. Told entirely in first person POV and a fluid 7 minute shot from start to finish, ‘Random Stop’ is nerve-shattering, tense and tragic.

‘Unconditional Rebel – Siska’

Next up we have another piece of really innovative, conceptual filmmaking; this time in the form of a music video. Shot in a matter of seconds at 1000 fp/s, the Unconditional Rebel video is a highly choreographed ‘dreamlike mural’ in the slowest of slow motion. If we have one criticism, we’d have just liked it to be left as it was; the piece is so good conceptually, it really does’t need all the added visual effects and digital work.

‘Honda – Keep Up’

Honda seem to really know what they’re doing when it comes to advertising and great video content. Their recent ‘Keep Up’ marketing campaign has been no different, something about it really just works; eye-catching visuals set to a punchy soundtrack and a video that seems to challenge you as a viewer to really get involved, to keep up! Great, engaging content.

 ‘Into The Wild’

Great filmmaking sometimes comes from surprising places, and this time it’s Sean Penn sitting in a directors chair. ‘Into The Wild’ follows Emile Hirsch as a recent graduate who abandons all his possessions, donates his entire savings account to charity and hitchhikes quite literally Into The Wild. The is a truly poignant character study with captivating performances, stunning visuals and a whole lot of heart.

‘Straight Down Low’

If you’ve seen and enjoyed Brick, then you really ought to watch Zach Wechter’s masterful homage ‘Straight Down Low’. I may be slightly biased; I get pretty excited about films telling minority stories, or representing minority communities because lets face it, the industry is truly lacking in diversity. Straight Down Low really hits home with this, addressing social issues within the POC communities including class and sexuality and it does it well. The plot and characters are well developed, interesting and genuinely engaging. Not only this, the short really embraces the stylistic nature of film noir and puts a contemporary twist on the classic noir-detective-mystery.

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