If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you'll be no stranger to our weekly #AmazingFilms - a pick of short films (one a week) that have stood out to us as particularly effective in their message, doing unique things with the medium or just worth sharing for whatever reason. Whether you're in video production yourself or just in search of great new content to absorb - it's always beneficial to see what's being created! Well it's come to the end of another month, so we've compiled all of November's here for you, just in case you missed any or just want a refresher on the amazing film content we've been watching...

'At The End Of The Cul-De-Sac' - Paul Trillo

The first pick of the month, and also one from our list of 5 short films that are pushing the limits of drone filming, Paul Trillo's short film about an unknown stranger having a very public meltdown in the middle o a cul-de-sac is a seriously impressive feat. Not just for being shot in one continuous take; but also because the camera it was shot on is actually a drone... I don't think we really need to go into the specifics of just how impressive it is to pull something like this off (the pre-production preparation alone must've been daunting to say the least), but the end result is a brilliant, effective look at the cultish public shaming that might usually take place behind closed doors in a small community.

'Indonesia' - Joshua Cowan

As the title suggests, this short film built from footage taken on Cowan's travels, explores the beauty of Indonesia and it's inhabitants.  Featuring stunning imagery made up of sweeping drone shots and more intimate close-ups with tribe members and horse-riders alike; Cowan's slick presentation of his travels stood out to us as a brilliant use of the medium to do something different than a typical travel photo album you might lob up onto Facebook on your return...

'Asleep On The Train' - Catherine Prowse

Next up on November's list of picks was Catherine Prowse's brilliant official music video for Thom Rosenthal's 'Asleep on the Train'. We're big fans of stop-motion animation and the unique feel of creativity and tangibility it brings to any project, so we immediately connected with this unique blending of puppetry and stop-motion, which works so well to create a hugely imaginative accompaniment to Rosenthal's melancholic track.

'SKIN' - Kristofski

Next on the list falls slightly further into the absurd... Kristofski's 'SKIN' is a surreal, off-beat homage to the retro detective B-movies of the 70s; complete with questionable dubbing, a great old-school soundtrack, and a fantastically corny hero in the form of walking German stereotype "Spÿda". It's all ridiculous but pulled off perfectly, showing a real grasp on the style and look of the past. If you're in need of a quick, surreal little short, then you should love this one...

'∆NOM∆LY' - Jacco Kliesch

Another inventive use of travel footage in November's picks, in the form of Jacco Kliesch's beautiful 'ANOMALY'. Blending the scenic beauty of Iceland with some simple yet effective visual effects; the end result is like a science fiction travellers dream, and we love it.

That's all for November, folks - but make sure you follow us over on Twitter or Facebook to see what new Amazing Films we've got in store for you. Theres a new one every Friday!

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