If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you'll be no stranger to our weekly #AmazingFilms - a pick of short films (one a week) that have stood out to us as particularly effective in their message, doing unique things with the medium or just worth sharing for whatever reason. Whether you're in video production yourself or just in search of great new content to absorb - it's always beneficial to see what's being created! We're moving through 2019 at a terrifyingly quick pace, so we've compiled all of March's picks here for you, just in case you missed any!

'WOLAKOTA' - Tim Sessler

Our first pick of March was 'WOLAKOTA': a gorgeous short using stunning aerial photography, sound and colour to bring to life the Lakota people's ethos; WOLAKOTA stands for peace, harmony, good relationship and respect between all forms of life. If you like short films with a great message and a captivating attention to aesthetics and using stunning imagery to tell a story, you definitely won't want to miss this one.

'The First Thunder' - Anastasia Melikhova

It wouldn't be right to get through a month without an animated pick from us, and March is no different, with Anastasia Melikhova's brilliant 'TheFirst Thunder' carrying the torch! Beautifully animated with a hand-painted watercolour art style, Melikhova's short acts as a visualisation of mother earth's first rainfall. Utilising gorgeous colour and rhythm, with a fantastic score to suit - fans of animation and something a little more abstract and surreal will no doubt enjoy this one!

'SOUS L'EAU' - Olivier Sautet

Described as a 'visual poem', our next pick from the month was Olivier Sautet's stunning ode to the underwater world, 'SOUS L'EAU'. We've seen our fair share of nature or travel shorts before, but Sautet blends a classical score with the crashing of waves culminating in a hypnotic kaleidoscopic finale which makes for a short, sweet and trippy look at nature through a very surreal lens. Definitely one to watch!


'Dieorama' - Kevin Staake

now look, there are few things we love in this world as much as a pun - so we had to include this one in the list for the title alone. It does also help that Dieorama is a great little documentary-short anyway! It introduces us to the work of Abigail Goldman, who turns nightmares into miniature works of art. We were particularly impressed by the way Staake uses effects such as tilt shift to simulate the miniature effect in his own footage, which lends a great visual edge to an already fascinating documentary. Easily March's darkest pick, however...


And that's all for March, folks! Make sure you're following us over on Twitter or Facebook to see what weekly #AmazingFilm picks we've got lined up for April, and of course if you've seen a recent short film that you think deserves a spot then let us know! 

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