If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you'll be no stranger to our weekly #AmazingFilms - a pick of short films (one a week) that have stood out to us as particularly effective in their message, doing unique things with the medium or just worth sharing for whatever reason. Whether you're in video production yourself or just in search of great new content to absorb - it's always beneficial to see what's being created! With another month down, we're in the second half of the year - so we've compiled all of July's best picks here for you, just in case you missed any!

'CHASING MONSTERS' - Krystle Wright

The weather seems to have been all over the place this month, which makes for a conveniently relatable pick in the form of Krystle Wright's 'Chasing Monsters. Following storm chaser Nick Moir into the heart of nature; Wrights short features some absolutely jaw-dropping visuals, slick editing and a soundscape best experienced through headphones. Turn it up loud and thank god you're not the one heading into these storms...

'The Brain and You' - Paul Trillo

The description for our next pick reads "watch with AirPods for maximum effect", and we can't disagree - Paul Trillo's creative look at the Dunning-Kruger effect uses the simple narrative of an everyday podcast listener walking the city streets, to approach an interesting and relevant topic. It looks great, but it's the meta way it uses the format to tackle it's theme that makes it stand out amongst the crowd for us.

'Negative Space' - Tiny Inventions

If you thought we were about to get through a month without an animated short on the list, well, we're sorry to disappoint. From the minds of Tiny Inventions, 'Negative Space' explores a Father-Son relationship through imaginative stop-motion animation. Obviously this is a winner already in our eyes, but it benefits from a poignant but charming story (that ends with a cracking punchline).


And that's all for July, folks! Make sure you're following us over on Twitter or Facebook to see what weekly #AmazingFilm picks we've got lined up for August, and of course if you've seen a recent short film that you think deserves a spot then let us know! 

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